Forex live chat room. Our free, live forex chat room allows traders to connect and share ideas in an open and diligent community. Post and discuss current trades, strategy, and market-moving fundamental ideas.

Forex live chat room

Day Trading Chat Room DE Profits 8-18-2017

Forex live chat room. Since I am a newbie here I can't start a new thread so I will use this one. Any opinions on the best Forex chat rooms for ? I am looking for a good place to hang out during typical market hours with other traders - paid or free chat rooms is fine for me just want to find a solid group. I have tried a few from.

Forex live chat room

News articles and trades ideas should be posted with your analysis or a question. Post an article, or link to multiple articles with your analysis in it.

Also, concerning your analysis, see The following should go without saying There is a thin line between promoting a product and service and SPAM. Links to external services, especially if they are selling a product such as signals services or binary options will be excised with haste.

Want to post a trade? Users posting empty trades will find them removed. We want analysis and reasons. There are a plethora of subs devoted to the various cryptocurrencies in existence, a simple Reddit search will lead you to them.

This sub deals with recognized currencies tied to existing nations and Governments. Memes are occasionally funny, but we do not want them here during trading hours. Inherently, post memes only on weekends. Do you know any active forex chatroom or twitch channel live streaming some forex trader? I would love to find something. Or I could set up something if you guys are interested. I am daytrading on forex market and feels very lonely sometimes.

Clearly my time is better spent advising other groups of people. Not exactly what your after, but www. If you message in the guests take your questions. FXStreet have their live analysis room too. RealOceanSky occasionally will have live periscope sessions. He did one the other night and made 10k live apparently. Google his name, 'Reza Mokhtarian' or the brokerage he ran into the ground, CapitalTrustMarkets and check out the Ferrari forum thread on him. He still owes an investor and I including many others a great sum of money.

I don't know if this is true but he said people were using broker to broker arbitrage to scam CTM so he stopped paying people out, what happened to you bro? I actually wana know if hes lying on periscope tbh i always have a feeling somethings shady. I just recently found tradingview.

Had a couple good trades from watching them too. Watching the chat last night I can totally see why you say this. Seems very amateur dramatics at times, lots of people post charts with random lines on showing "breaks" etc. All emotional and reactive instead of planning and using strategy.

I have the same feeling some days though. I'd like a place to chat to like minded people to bounce ideas off etc. Dunno how much attention it would get though.

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