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4x pip snager trading system

Forex Trading a Gartley currency trading system

4x pip snager trading system. 4x Pip-Snager by Jason Sweezey. $ $ Vendor Website: 4x Pip-Snager Vendor price is $ You will have it for $ EA will work on any account and can be downloaded right now! What you will receive: Everything that comes with product and all all future updates. Add to cart. Categories: Expert Advisor.

4x pip snager trading system

Have you seen our live tests page? Please login or register. Home Forum Help Login Register. Just bought these systems three in total Will let you know after reading and some demoing if its worth. Just in case you didnt get an email for this December 15, , Guess what, this system has a few rules Tom on December 01, , January 04, , Any updates on this?

ForexPeaceArmy has one 1star review and suddenly there are three 5star reviews in 2 days that sound a little like ads or fake testimonials. Curious if any real people are making money with this or are we all waiting for January? I bought this system, but haven't used it extensively as I only had a week before I closed down my trading for the year.

I missed a lot of good trades because I am working when the UK session starts. Unlike a lot of vendors, he does provide very good support.

He sends out emails usually daily showing charts of the trades he has done including losers and explains why he took the trades. It seems to avoid a lot of false signals thanks to a filter indicator that it uses. Some may be sceptical, but it looks far more promising than a lot of systems that have come out in recent times.

I have also decided to try this system, i think it looks very promising. Will update my blog accordingly after a long needed break I have been running this system since the beginning of the year and am happy with the results. I gave up on the scalper strategy as my connection is not quick enough to place the trades. Initially, I had problems with the day trader strategy, but worked out that I was trading the wrong sessions. It works best during the UK session. Haven't had many trades, but most have been successful.

I would have had a lot more winning trades, but I miss a lot of setups as you need to be watching your charts all the time. One bonus with this system, unlike a lot around, is that customer support is excellent. He replies to emails within 1 day and he has a newsletter where he shows the setups that he has traded each day.

Provided that you have the time to monitor your charts, I would recommend this system. Any up dates on this system. Is it worth buying. System is still performing reasonably well, although there were a couple of days when markets were a bit choppy. Whether it is worth buying depends upon what sort of trader you are. Once you place trades you need to monitor these fairly regularly, although you could place a tp to avoid this.

You also need to be able to trade during the UK and US sessions. Reading the setups is fairly easy once you get the hang of it, but you will need to monitor your charts at least every 5 minutes to catch them. The vendor gives you daily newsletters to show the setups he got for the previous day. One downside is that the vendor is an affiliate of a number of forex products so be prepared to be bombarded with sales pitches.

Thanks for the info. Do you mean checking charts every 5mins if your scalping. I would be more interested in day trading on a longer time frame. The scalping strategy, you definitely have to sit and watch your charts continuously as it operates off 1 min charts.

Be warned though, as this strategy only works if you can place trades very quickly. I found that my connection wasn't quick enough, and quite often, the trade had moved too far by the time the order was placed. The day trader strategy operates off 5 min charts. You can usually see setups developing, so you just need to check your charts when you see these occurring. If you use the recommended exit strategy, you need to check your charts at least every 30 minutes as small profits can be wiped out if the move is short.

Of course, you can avoid this if you use a take profit, but you run the risk of missing the big moves. These frequently can be around pips. I only trade the early UK session as this is usually the only time I can trade night time for me. This seems to be the best time to trade, but you can get some good trades later on, although the trends are more choppy.

The swing trade strategy is not very reliable, so I would avoid this one. Fidelitas by bearnakedbull [ Today at Wall Street Forex Robot by bearnakedbull [ Today at Wall Street Forex Robot by reinerh [ Today at Wall Street Forex Robot by donbon2 [ Today at Wall Street Forex Robot by wallstreet.

December 01, , December 02, , Logged cloudsifter Full Member Posts: December 08, , I don't think donna wants affiliate links posted without permission. Logged ngling Full Member Posts: December 24, , December 30, , January 24, , Logged robl45 Hero Member Posts: January 25, , February 27, , February 28, , Logged aagarcia VIP Sr. I'm curious as well but I think this is only a 5m system.

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