1000 forex indicators. Free forex indicators download - trend indicators, moving avarages, signal indicators, momentum indicators, volume indicators in Forex, MT4.

1000 forex indicators

1000 Forex Indicators Giveaway Free

1000 forex indicators. Many custom MT4 Forex indicators need further explanation and trading instructions before anyone can Testing all + MT4 indicators is challenging.

1000 forex indicators

Have you seen our live tests page? Please login or register. Home Forum Help Login Register. In this download there are 1, different MT4 indicators. If you were looking for one and could not locate it anywhere then there stands a chance it may be here. Have fun and I hope these will be good use to your trading. April 23, , Could a trader post what his favorite indicator is and how he uses it.

Bigsteve on April 29, , Did someone found a useful indy in these ? Hi Flatour, There were too many for me to try out but I know from a few other forums there are traders looking for some of these and there are a few variations of the same indicators in the folder. I don't know alot of the differences just because there are too many to comb through.

But I hope if you are looking around for some new stuff that this may help. I am sure they lag but not sure if repainting. I am surprised to see different indicators. Actually, As people are becoming more dependent on electronic devices, many forex brokers now offer applications to support MT4 on mobile devices.

The functionality of the MT4 application is similar to that of the desktop version. It is not the same. You cannot use for example other indicators, only the default indicators Hi, I'm looking for a end of Bar buy and sell indicator. I like to draw a line and if price cross this line,the system will either buy or sell based on my pending trade. I have seen these indicators. There are some important indicator for me. I will be happy if someone describe the function of this indicator so that I can easily test it in my demo.

Thanks for the download. I often hear of indicators, and can't find them. Don't know why Bigsteve is moaning. It's free fer chrissake.. Indicators are helpful but you need to know other things also in trading, no one can rely only on indicator to make good and profitable trades. Surely the only useful visual indicators are the ones that don't rewrite.

The others just give you the misleading impression that they are better than they are, constantly readjusting their forecast by changing their own history But when you come to open a trade you don't have the benefit of this future view so for this purpose they are virtually useless. Non rewriting indicators may not appear to be so good but at least they attempt to tell the truth.

Please share the useful indicators out of these I will also try to test out few of them and i find some good one then will share it here. Thanks for sharing these indicators. I am looking for some good trend detection indicator. Has anybody found such indicator in this list?

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April 29, , Logged deVries Full Member Posts: Mythical Bird Rising Re: What do you think yourself almost indicators in the download link with no comment how to use or explanation how to use. Why is it you post it this way I won't believe you are using almost indicators at the same time So why don't you begin yourself starting to post what your favourite indicator is and how you use it It is nice you shared this but if you posted it separately and give some information to it then it is for me more interesting to look at This is the way I came by them, so this is the manner in which they were posted.

I only intended these as a matter of reference if there is a hard to find indicator you can't find anywhere out there, or that has dissapeared from view everywhere you looked. As far as what I use, I already have done that http: While it is nice to talk about our favorite indicators, it is also kind of hard to believe that out of 1, of them there was not a single lost duck you were looking for. Anyway this was my contribution to the forum for that day.

October 24, , I am sure they lag but not sure if repainting Logged profitmaker Jr. March 15, , April 08, , Logged hanscafe59 Full Member Posts: June 08, , June 16, , Logged sigmadelta52 Newbie Posts: June 26, , Logged seawater Full Member Posts: July 28, , August 04, , November 14, , Donna's Blog Analysing trades:


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