Yakuza 4 forex mission. For Yakuza 4 on the PlayStation 3, FAQ/Walkthrough by awritingdog. The game itself is designed that way - the core story involves just about a dozen of missions, unlike 80+ missions you must complete in GTA. Characters will prompt you to "prepare" before a showdown, while effectively they invite you to.

Yakuza 4 forex mission

Yakuza 4 (Ryu Ga Gotoku 4): Akiyama Chapter 1 (1/2)

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Yakuza 4 forex mission

XboxAchievements Got a news tip? Community Links Members List. March 23rd, , Awards Showcase Total Awards: Substory Guide and Checklist. Yakuza 4 Substories Checklist By: BreadSkin and yewjhin86 If you felt compelled to join the forum as a result of this guide, please give me a referral upon signing up. Click here to register today! Last edited by Terminator; December 23rd, at Shun Akiyama - Total: Last edited by BreadSkin; March 27th, at Return to Sky Finance, choose all of the four options leading you to places: A short event will occur at Theater Square.

Return to the last place you visited to continue with last option. Any, Night to finish Pre-requisites: Lonely Hana Opens up: Beware of Imposters Reward: Walk around Kamurocho, and you'll get a phone call. Head to south end of Pink St, engage in the Chase Battle. Take a taxi to the Docks, defeat men near warehouse. The Apprentice Opens up: Head to Sky Finance, Shiobara appears again.

Talk to the guy in the purple suit in front of the building opposite the M Store on Shicifuku St. The Apprentice Part 2 Opens up: Tricks of the Trade Reward: Head to Club Elise, Taihei Blvd. Choose to hear his sales pitch. Choose not to sign the contract and expose the fraud. Tricks of the Trade Time: You'll head to Public Park 3. Trade the Cigarette to the guy opposite the park for Stomach Medicine. Head to the Kamurocho Arc and trade the tickets for a celebrity's Business Card.

Watch the nice ending. If you traded the Stomach Medicine with the Youth, you will have to trade with a few more people before going back to the Old Man and trading with him again for the Tickets. Beware of Imposters Time: Counterfeit Bills Opens up: Talk to a lady at north end of Theater Ave. Go to Park Alley near West Park.

Pimp my Otaku Opens up: Last edited by yewjhin; August 2nd, at Taiga Saejima - 15 total. Reason for Revenge Time: You'll be approached by an Elderly Homeless man. Defeat Morimoto and his thugs. Go back to the northern part of Theater Avenue St. Brother and Sister 1 Opens up: Head to Ryugujo, at Park Blvd.

Leave the casino, and defeat punks outside. Ryugujo Bouncer Opens up: Brother and Sister 2 Reward: Head to the parking lot behind the Millennium Tower, near the blue elevator. Talk to the two men here. Repeat this 2 more times. Brother and Sister 2 Time: Defeat Hayasa and his gang on the roofs. Chapter 4 [ ] Brother and Sister 2 Opens up: Brother and Sister 3 Reward: Report back to the Subordinate back in the Hideout.

Brother and Sister 3 Time: Brother and Sister 4 Reward: Win the Chase Battle, and defeat the bastard. Brother and Sister 4 Time: Brother and Sister 3 Opens Up: Head to Theatre Alley, where you will find Tadashi. Defeat the 3 waves of Yakuza.

Finale [ ] Head downstairs and talk to another pair of Homeless Men leading to B2. Attempt to open the manhole. Choose to leave one at the manhole. Head to Sushi Gin next in Showa St. Ask for some Kappamaki Chase Battle initiates. Chase after the Kappa?. Last edited by yewjhin; March 27th, at Masayoshi Tanimura - 16 total. The Witness Opens up: Go to rooftop with green floor, then goto rooftop across the gap Chase Battle against the Stalker will initiate.

The Mixer Opens up: Agree to be his guide, an answer the following: A shogi salon A hot spring After dropping briefcase at Homeland [Chapter 2] [ ] Head to Tenkaichi Alley, to the back area opposite Public Park 3.

Beat up the goons. Stolen Funds Opens up: After he runs off, find Nui hiding behind tables in the shop east of Homeland, using first person view. Head south and up, into corridor and speak to Tao. Go back to the stairs you went up from, to find Tao underneath it.

Lastly, look for Mi-Youn in the south-western part of this Little Asia area. Go back to Homeland and look upwards to find Mi-Youn on some gratings. After meeting Akiyama at Sky Finance [Chapter 4] [ ] Meet Saki at Shellac. Head to Rooftops West using the elevator next to Volcano. Defeat the Shady Men. Go to Suppon St. Burning Bridges Opens up: Head to Pink Alley, and defeat the Assassins. Defeat the Yakuza, then win the Chase Battle against Katsuura. Letter to Mei Hua Time: Gambler's Blues Opens up: Speak to the old man sitting on a sofa.


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