Rsi forum. Ive been signed up to the RSI forums for like two years now but now in spectrum I can't find a Post New Thread type link anywhere. I'm a Mac user.

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Submitted content must be related to Star Citizen. Follow all specific posting guidelines. I'm a Mac user so haven't backed the game because I can't play it yet and am wondering if Spectrum is locked to only backers. There's a slight trick to it.. I'll admit its harder on a Mac. Not being a backer yet, I used to post replies for weeks until, about two weeks ago, I opened the platform and could not find the reply button for threads any more. I asked about it in Spectrum chat and was told it is indeed limited to backers.

I must have had posting rights assigned automatically when the platform launched but then mods corrected it when they discovered I was not a backer. It makes sense though with such a massive audience it means only serious followers are using the platform and not a bunch of trolls.

Is there any other way to be a backer than the starter package or subscribing? Those are the only methods I know of. I have not heard of any workaround for it. Then again, there is not much, if any, genuinely exclusive content on there that you would not find on this subreddit for discussion. So not much lost by not being able to post while you are preparing to become a backer. Spectrum is a bit disorganized now, and the joke of a website only makes it more confusing. I posted a reply on the "new player experience" that got voted to the top Unfortunately not allowing non backers to post really is the only way of preventing people from trolling with fresh accounts.

That said, the discussions and information shared on this subreddit are usually better than on Spectrum, and will get you by until you decide if you should pledge. Also worth noting they closed the original forums as they moved to Spectrum. Mods don't have this sort of control. They are there to enforce the rules set out by CIG. All they can do is apply out right posting bans.

Fine access controls like this would been been a bug in the system and would have been addressed by Turbulent. Yes it is backers only. You are listed as a Civilian otherwise. You can see the forums, but cannot post. I don't think the game works for Mac so you may be outta luck there. Besides don't get sucked into the forums and Spectrum. It is not worth the drama. Mostly trolls and Fanboys arguing about nothing and both sides missing the real points of any issue.

But right now I want to ask some questions about Lore, etc. If you're into the lore, I narrated the official SC Writer's guide which has a lot of lore in it and made an easier way of viewing all the lore scattered in the ARK Starmap by publishing the info in searchable tables on my website.

Yeah, I've been listening to your youtube narrated conversion. But it's not proving very helpful, not because of you, but because its more a "top down" look at their world. Some of the stuff is helpful but I'm writing more character driven stuff that isn't as affected by the global setup of the game. I need more detailed information, for example the question I need answered now is "What will be the minerals mined in game in order of value and where are they most likely to be found rarest might be small ice pockets in desolate outter reaches, most common large asteroid fields found throughout etc.

I don't think anyone from CIG is going to respond with a detailed answer. We'll possibly have access to that info when the Galactipedia is released. However, since there are professions around discovering such information, most of it is likely meant to remain "hidden" until discovered. But you'll have to scour the individual guides to pull out that information. When I'm reading them I add that information to the star systems on my site. It's in the "Lore" table section but I haven't been thru a majority of them yet as it's a time-consuming effort.

What will be the minerals mined in game in order of value and where are they most likely to be found. Yeah I agree but wanted to look so my story was as tight as possible. Thought I may have missed a general outline that may have been put out.

Well, the most detailed info on mining we've gotten yet is here. It certainly doesn't hurt to ask, sometimes the devs surprise us all and drop nuggets of information randomly.

Spectrum now requires that you have at least a starter pack to use the forums now. So if you need to use it as a resource. Get a cheap one then you should be good to go. Or get some backer you know to post your questions for you. I just bought a skin and am showing up as a backer in spectrum and was able to chat in general chat and make a post in the Ask the Dev's forum area. Spectrum still has bugs. That might disappear with a patch. Just don't be surprised if it happens.

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