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Flamingoes and Lighthouses, from Phoenix Trading

Phoenixtrading. Phoenix Trading and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed company based at Mumbai, India primarily manufacturing and trading various products to international customers mainly non-governmental and retail giants across the globe. Phoenix provided competitive, faster and professional product.


In this blog post I reveal my experience of Phoenix Trading. What I expected from it and what I discovered. Here is my Phoenix Trading review. Phoenix Trading closed down on the 15th August. From its ashes we have a new company called Flamingo Paperie. You can view and buy the new stock on my website here. What is it about Phoenix that attracted your attention? Did you find their cards were unlike any you see in the shops and better value?

Had you received a present gift wrapped with roll wrap that looked better quality and prettier than any you had seen before? This is what most people say.

Well for me it was the bookmarks! Have you wondered if it would be worth being a Phoenix Trader just to get your hands on some cards, gift wrap and stationery that you love? It was worth being a Phoenix Trader just for the birthday and Christmas cards I was going to use myself. So if you are looking for a business, not just some free cards for yourself, there is that option too.

There are two ways you can earn money with Phoenix; profit from sales and commission from the volume of sales your team do. You decide what you want.

I wanted an income from it! In the first few months after I started I was busy trying to work out how to ask people to join my team and the fear that goes with not knowing how to start that conversation when people started asking me!

My team leader calls me when I want her to. There are Facebook groups to share ideas and encouragement. There will be team meetings usually involving cake! I do not get any pressure, just support. However I do get constant recognition when I reach a milestone, which I love. What has really impressed me is how Phoenix Traders support each other across teams. This is something I feel very strongly about.

I have received multiple nominations for the past two years for supporting other Traders outside my team. The ethos of Phoenix is about having an ethical business with beautiful artwork that makes people smile. We send cards and we sell cards. When you show your starter pack of cards to your friends, colleagues, family the chances are they will ooh and ahh over the quality of the illustrations and product.

They will see how fabulous your products are much more by physically holding them than from your Facebook page, or from a text message. You can of course sell online too through a custom made website.

No one sets any targets except you. I have never felt under pressure to achieve any level of sales, recruits, bonuses or anything. We all know someone with a birthday! You will use the cards yourself. In fact the hardest bit might be selling them and not sending them all yourself!

Most friendly company I have ever worked amongst. Why did Phoenix Trading close? What will be different about Flamingo Paperie, given the involvement of some of the same management? These comments, like all the others in this article, are just my personal opinion based on what I know. In my opinion there were 2 major things that went wrong, trying to expand in to the USA and warehousing issues.

Lost money and cost the company a lot of its reserves. After all it takes time to build a business right? Phoenix rarely pulped discontinued lines. Phoenix offered sale items to Traders. However, this had the knock on effect of leaving Traders with lots of stock to sell that was no longer in the catalogues. Personally I think we should offer sales and special offers direct to customers.

I also think we should ultimately pulp discontinued lines. This would have saved warehouse costs and kept the business fresher. I have a few other ideas about things that could have been done differently too but these two issues above would have made a big difference.

We are introducing a customer loyalty programme. You will get direct access to special offers and discounts and have the chance to buy stock that is due to be discontinued before it goes to pulp. We have a new director called Stuart Millar. I know Stuart personally. He has even taken time to come and visit my small team in the Outer Hebrides.

Having Stuart on board brings direct Trading experience to the table. It brings someone who was very much in touch with all activity-levels of the previous business. And therefore brings a greater understanding of what Traders need as well his own business and customer relations experience and knowledge.

Like most direct sales, network marketing businesses Phoenix Trading is flexible so you make it work to suit you. To join my new team with the new company click here. You could leave a comment telling me what you thought about Phoenix Trading. Were you a Trader, feel free to tell us what you loved about it.

Or were you a happy Phoenix customer — what made us different to other card outlets? If you liked my Phoenix Trading review then you might also like: Is there room for more? Can I make money at this? What is a Pyramid Scheme and what is not?! If I rejoined would I have to go back to her?

Also why is the company in administration? The company voluntarily entered administration to restructure the business. They hope to find someone to buy it. Until then it is continuing to trade as normal. Thank you so much for the info. Have always loved the products and will seriously consider rejoining -bless you.

If you are thinking of rejoining because you love the products then now is a great time because we are being offered extra discounts so great chance to make extra profit or get some favourites for yourself cheaper.

My team are spread all over UK and Aus! Includes Christmas and every day stuff. As far as I know that is still the intention. Will update when I know more. Hi, I loved Phoenix cards and am looking to book a seller of cards at a fayre I am organising in Burridge in Hampshire on Saturday 25 th November Do you have anyone who could do this please? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Phoenix Trading Review — Is it worth it? For a limited time only! If you want to join my new customer loyalty programme you can do that here. There has to be some negative in my Phoenix Trading review surely? Flexible business No one sets any targets except you.

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