Market traders forum. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forums, hope you are well? I want to know if you know of any market traders that sell sweets/confectionery? Many thanks.

Market traders forum

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Market traders forum

Discussion in ' Brixton ' started by thriller , Jul 6, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Market traders-can they really make much money? How much money can these traders possibly make? What about these fruit sellers? What about them small cubicles selling international phone cards.

They cant make much money can they? Oh some market traders do very well. They would not bother if there was no money in it! I know of a woman who started selling clothes at free markets and car boot sales, after a while she had a few trucks and was at a few different venus at the same time. Eventually she was raided by the inland revenue for VAT fraud. Did her pee and stood up again. I thought to myself, do the guys do the same and if so, where do they wash their hands-especially when they would be handling the fruits.

It's called ' The Chocolate Box'. I have never seen a person in there. It can't possibly be making any money whatsoever, can it? Laughing Toad , Jul 6, I've been in the Chocolate Box or more than a few occasions when I lived that way. I used to prefer the old owner and his dodgy harem of occasional hangers on and assistants. I worked on the markets from age Full time from They can make a fuck ton of money.

I used to travel all over the sth east to various different markets Kanda , Jul 6, What was the hardest part of market trading? Where did you get your stock from? Up at anytime between am home anytime between pm depends if we set up more than one stall or not. Then run back and take them all down at the end of the day Grand a week min, 5 grand if with good wind.

Wow 3 in a day! I didnt realise traders did that? Can traders now compete with Primark etc I was thinking of a sock stall here in Brighton on a Saturday! But where do i get stock cheaply? This was back in ish Buying mostly left over stock? I wonder if those factories still exist in Kent When I used to do it with my Dad, my mum was a seamstress earning a shit wage in one of these factories, we worked out a sale or return deal.

It was a few small Indian run clothing manufacturers. Employment law and health and safety probably wiped these sort of places out ages ago. I worked on a market stall inside Covent Garden market. I was selling hideous knitted jumpers seemingly designed for Americans with no taste. The stall took a fair wedge of cash every week. Maybe Thanks for the info. Im in the process of quitting my job You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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