Interactive brokers forex minimum lot size. Lot size Interactive brokers Platform Technical Support. The reason you got no realized trade with 20, is because IB needs to be a minimum of 25K. Your code should look like -. Code: EnterLong(, "");. For a 50, you I am also linking our online help guide on Automated trading with Forex.

Interactive brokers forex minimum lot size

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Interactive brokers forex minimum lot size. Hello Checking IB website I could not find what is the minimum trade size. Does IB accept «micro lots» (lots consisting of units)? Is it even possible to trade in odd lots (fractional unit size allowing creating my own unit size)? If not what is the minimum size accepted by IB? Thanks for your response.

Interactive brokers forex minimum lot size

Currently I use Oanda with a tiny account just to learn. I like Metatrader but I don't like the Brokers on Metatrader seems to me they are all trading against their clients account.

So I went to Interactive Brokers Site but it's not clear for me. Nobody here seems to know wall street brokers so will ask on elitetrader forum rather. IBFX seems great I love metatrader and their debit card but spread of 2 pips is not interesting for me as I am scalper.

Maybe for swing I would open an account with them. OK I tried Interactive Brokers free demo their java software really sucks but it's "professional" as you seem to have a huge set of features. So for people having decent account to risk that is interesting. Not sure I want to risk such account for now so I think I'll stay with Oanda for a while. Now their spread is 0.

I have IBFX as well. Theres a misconception that scalpers have to risk alot on any given trade. Scalping is not defined by your percentage risk: Going for one pip to me is kind of redundant. IMHO, scalping is intraday-trading. In and out in the same trading day wether it takes you a few minutes or hours.

If you're going for one pip, you'd have to be risking alot to make significant gains and you might be cutting some real winners short. I just don't see the point of it. Technically, that doesn't have to be the case. Your position size would proportional to your risk. If you're aiming for 1: I would rather qualify you as daytrader with a swing style as you want to rely on trend.

True scalpers do not look for trend in fact some style of scalping is even fading the trend on purpose. I would say Swing trader relies on huge points, true scalpers relies on huge probability. Of course you have in-between. Both can be daytraders. Of course a nano-scalper may have to trade 10 or even times in a day.

I don't know if I could handle that. To each his own, I guess. What kind of hybrid animal is that. It might be worth taking a look. IBFX also has min and micro accounts. So in short, yes, you can trade with less that 2k. And the leverage is Not sure I want to risk such account for now so I think I'll stay with Oanda for a while Now their spread is 0. I guess I'm a swinging scalper then.

How much is the minimum deposit for Oanda?


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