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Icfaipg diploma in treasury and forex management

Financial Treasury & Forex Management

Icfaipg diploma in treasury and forex management. The ICFAI University (hereinafter referred to as the University) represents the multi-state network of universities, sponsored by the Institute of Chartered in Business Finance (D.B.F.) PG DIPLOMA PROGRAMMES Finance Programmes — Certified International Investment Analyst, Treasury and Forex Management.

Icfaipg diploma in treasury and forex management

A wide range of financial products, addition of new management strategies and development of new socio-economic concepts have changed the global competitive market and legal environment. In the wake of these interesting developments and the growing importance of finance and management in various specialized areas, the Diploma Programs are designed to cater to the needs of the professionals and students who are interested in these areas. Diploma Programs in Finance.

Enroll into the program on or before. Mock practice questions to familiarize with computer based examinations will be provided to all enrolled students. Grading System Performance in the examination is indicated in grades as under for each subject: Passing in a subject is based on relative grading in the examination. The list of test centers and the time slots will be on display during the registration process on logging to the website www.

Students can select the convenient center and time slot and register for their examinations. Student Queries Students may address their queries to ssd icfaiuniversity. Call Center Numbers The call center numbers: Diploma in Talent Management Effective talent management, the process of developing and integrating new employees along with developing and retaining current employees helps increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness and has a proven strong link to financial returns.

The program combines various aspects of human resource management that are essential for managing talent. Diploma in Innovation Management Innovation is the key to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in the business world.

Innovation management is the discipline of managing processes by inventing or creating new ideas. The program will expose students to gain experience in managing the innovation process by bringing new solutions from concept to widespread use. The program content is interdisciplinary and is of immense use not only to students but equally important to entrepreneurs, corporate managers, artistes, engineers and other professionals.

Diploma in Retail Management Retailing is one of the largest and fast growing industries. The industry is one of the biggest sources of employment in most countries. Although the retailing industry has existed for centuries, it is only in the recent past that it has witnessed a tremendous growth. Students in the program will understand how the industry and associated organizations effectively use their resources in areas of framing strategy, human resource management and marketing management.

The program is aimed at giving knowledge about the current management techniques and concepts so that the students will develop effective responses to cope with market dynamics and analyze problems on an industry-wide basis. This is a perfect program not only for busy retail professionals who want to upgrade themselves but is important for entrepreneurs, fashion designers and other professionals.

Growing distribution networks, supply chains, and transportation hubs have simplified the movement of products. The networks of worldwide financial institutions have reduced currency issues. With this change in global economy, it is essential that businesses understand the international markets, including how this impacts consumer behavior and business strategy. Studying international business will help students understand diverse business opportunities and create a competitive advantage.

This program is aimed at those students who wish to make a career in international trading organizations and working supervisors and managers for improving their employability opportunities by re-skilling in the area of international business.

Fee Schedule With effect from April 1, and valid for the Academic year only. Without Contact Classes Rs. Continuous and sustained progress of students. Well-planned and pre-fixed examination schedules: CBT examinations are conducted for all subjects. Helps in providing students more convenience in terms of location, time and flexibility.

Working Executives, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, etc. English Validity of enrollment The validity of enrollment into the program is three years from the date of enrollment.

Students who are unable to complete the program within the validity period of three years, but still keen on continuing the program, are required to contact the University. The University may extend the eligibility period at its discretion. In such case the de novo registration fee as applicable to be paid. Fee The fee for each of the Diploma Program is given in the fee schedule. Examinations The examinations serve to finally assess and certify the students' understanding of the subjects.

The examinations are conceived, developed and administered on a rigorous and fair basis to bring out the best in the students and prepare them for challenging careers in different areas of finance and management.

Examinations are conducted four times a year in January, April, July and October. Online exam registration All students are required to register and book the slots for each subject for their CBT including payment of fee using the online facility only, as the operations of examinations department are entirely computerized.

Test centers The CBTs are held at test centers, as indicated on the website www. Eligibility for appearing in examinations Students will be eligible to appear for the examinations for the first four subjects 6 months after the enrollment date. Subsequently students can appear in 2 new subjects each quarter in sequential order, but not exceeding 4 subjects in each quarter examinations. Enrollment dates In order to become eligible to appear for the examinations, the students are required to enroll into the program on or before the following dates: Examinations Enroll into the program on or before January, July 31, April, October 31, July, January 31, October, April 30, Mock practice questions to familiarize with computer based examinations will be provided to all enrolled students.

Services We offer the following services to enrolled students: Web Services Pre-enrollment services: Online prospectus request, online enrollment, updates on events and chat facility. Facility for online payment, Computer-based test CBT examinations, online admit cards, online examination results, mock test for familiarization with CBT examination procedure, chat facility for all the enrolled students, important information on examination schedule, test centers, updates on revision of curriculum, etc.

Secure Internet Payment Gateway Students can enroll into the program by logging on to www. Students may please note that payments relating to examinations will be accepted only through Secure Internet Payment Gateway. Diploma Programs in Finance Diploma in Investment Management This program is designed to offer the required knowledge for professional asset management of various securities shares, bonds and other securities to meet specified investment goals for the benefit of the investors.

The required tools and techniques for optimizing returns in each asset class are adequately covered in the program. The objective of the program is to educate students with or without experience in the investment management filed. The program is structured in such a way that a student from other stream can acquire the essential knowledge to become an investment management expert. The increased risk due to integrated global financial markets has created the need for strategies to mitigate the risk exposure due to any financial volatility in any part of the world.

The program structure will help students to learn the subject thoroughly and apply the knowledge effectively in various risk management functions. With the shrinking of the economic boundaries and integration of the financial markets across the world, the global financial markets are getting more interconnected and are no longer isolated.

Pursuing the program will help students understand the global financial markets, managing global money and manage the risk emanates from the diverse financial transactions. The program structure will help students to obtain the relevant knowledge to work as a successful global money manager. Enrollment Applications received from students are checked for the basic eligibility criteria and the eligible students are enrolled into the program under the distance learning mode.

No enrollment of foreign citizens The admission into the distance learning program is not open to foreign citizens due to visa restrictions. Indian passport holders temporarily staying abroad can enroll subject to the decision by the Admissions Committee. Rejected applications If the applicants do not satisfy the eligibility criteria, the applications are returned to them along with all enclosures and the amount paid after deducting Rs.

Such students are, however, permitted to apply again after they subsequently satisfy the eligibility criteria. Remittance The applicants are required to pay the fee as indicated in the Fee Schedule. The remittance can be done by way of Demand Draft or Credit Card. Refund policy In case a student decides to withdraw from the program after enrollment, the fee paid will be refunded after deducting the admission fee and the cost of courseware supplied.

Withdrawal requests received after 30 days of enrollment are not entertained and no refund will be given. Right to amend rules The University reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations wherever considered necessary and appropriate.

Such amendments will be intimated to the students. Therefore, this publication and the descriptions contained herein are not to be construed as a contract binding the University to any specific policies.

Possible changes include, but are not limited to curriculum and course content, passing requirements, eligibility criteria for examinations, fee schedule, refund policy, examination pattern, certification and designation, and such other matters as may be considered relevant. Guidelines The students are advised to read the following guidelines carefully before completing the Application Form for Enrollment and the Fee Remittance Form. The Application Forms should be filled in Capital Letters.

Please respond to all the information sought. Additional sheets may be used, if necessary. Ensure that the Application Forms are signed. Photocopies of certificates Photocopies of certificates regarding date of birth and educational qualifications shall be enclosed with the Application Form for Enrollment. Original Certificates should not be sent. Enclosures Please ensure that your Application contains the following enclosures.

Application Form for Enrollment into the program with recent color photograph affixed. Exam fee is payable separately as and when the student registers for the examination. Remittance Information Students are required to pay the fee as indicated in the Table above, either in Lumpsum, or through the EMI facility.

Students can make the payment through Credit Card. They should get their Credit Cards swiped for the required amount, sign and attach the merchant copy of the slip along with the Fee Remittance Form and keep the customer copy with themselves as acknowledgement. No cash payment to be made while enrolling into the program.

Credit Card information being confidential should not be shared with anyone while making payments for the program. Any students deviating from the above will be doing so at their own risk and responsibility.

EMI swipe is available only in case of full payment of program fee. Further details of the facility can be obtained from the Information Offices. EMI facility for payment of fee: EMI facility is offered to all the students for payment of fee. Under this facility, payment can be made by submitting the PDCs.

Under this facility, the balance amount should be paid through post dated cheques.


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