Forex trading proof. NOTICE: new live account minimum changed from 10 million to million!! Welcome to my blog! There's a lot of information presented in here- this opening page is here to introduce you to whats going on. I highly recommend looking at the RECENT ENTRIES for the most current information. The bottom line is this: All.

Forex trading proof

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Forex trading proof

It violates the federal false representation laws. The difference between the two? Trading in a real environment means your success is partially up to chance and relied on your learned understanding of how markets move.

With a simulated system thats controlled by the broker at all times- There is nothing left to chance- No sudden market swings that you predicted would occur.

In fact- if you do score a winning trade- they are allowed to adjust the numbers to reduce the amount of your gain. These trading platform programs are designed to react to your trading activities- moving the charts as needed to achieve the goal of the broker- to acquire your funds. Brokers are able to manually adjust the programs while your trading.

Can you still make a profit? YES however- its much much harder. Now- I can clear maybe 7k on a 50k test account overnight Takes me a full week to double an account. No massive swings fail to come back. This blog has NO advertising.

NO links to virus sites. Resource links lead you to the page the info was copied from. So… Why should you believe what I say? I specializes in legal research. I find legal flaws in court cases. Her mother- Ruth, was the daughter of the well known banker, John Noyes. Seems fitting that I be the one that exposes the biggest scam the nation has ever seen. I never got a chance to trade a real account. To view info on each case click here: December 19, Avail Trading Corp. September 30, Vankar Trading Corp.

September 30, Zulutrade Inc. February 26, Portfolio Managers, Inc. Hogan and Andrey A. February 25, Portfolio Managers, Inc. Lewis and Noel H. February 24, Vankar Trading Corp. February 24, Samico Worldwide Markets, Inc. Retail forex transactions involve the leveraged trading of contracts denominated in foreign currency with a national bank as your counterparty. Because of the leverage and the other risks disclosed here, you can rapidly lose all of the funds or property you pledge to the national bank as margin for retail forex trading.

You may lose more than you pledge as margin. If your margin falls below the required amount, and you fail to provide the required additional margin, your national bank is required to liquidate your retail forex transactions. Your national bank cannot apply your retail forex losses to any of your assets or liabilities at the bank other than funds or property that you have pledged as margin for retail forex transactions.

However, if you lose more money than you have pledged as margin, the bank may seek to recover that deficiency in an appropriate forum, such as a court of law. You should be aware of and carefully consider the following points before determining whether retail forex trading is appropriate for you. Finally, you should thoroughly investigate any statements by any national bank that minimize the importance of, or contradict, any of the terms of this risk disclosure.

These statements may indicate sales fraud. This brief statement cannot, of course, disclose all the risks and other aspects of trading off-exchange foreign currency with a national bank. A game you will loose- because they are making the market appear to go up and down at will. The only way you will make money is if they loose money. They are a retail business-they exist to make money.

If you make money-you will discover that they wont let you withdraw more than your original deposit. The games are programmed to make you win enough to deposit more and more money- then its programmed to take the entire account thru failed transactions, fake high volume freezing-fake market spikes.

They decide when you win and how much you win- and when to take it all away. If you try outsmart them by closing your account while your ahead- you never get your money out.

The only question is how is the Forex manipulated so that you always lose your money? Forex is a real buchery! I mentioned high frequency trading because I have issues with this phenomenon: Your still thinking that these trades are being processed together. There are no other real traders involved. Just you and the game platform being run by the RFED. Everyone you think your trading against are fabricated by the gaming program.

The price is put in the platform — yes- but the program creates the movement that causes you to loose. In the trading agreement you sign it says you agree to them adjusting the price, the volume your able to trade and the spread- even after a trade has been completed! They are in control of the prices they tell you- what they upload is used as a guide which their own charts movement uses as a reference- Its programmed to stay within a certain distance of the feeds movement- fluctuating within that range as needed to get the task of making you hit your margin.

The way to detect it is to open several trading platforms from totally different servers- not just different brokers. They wont match each others movement. Instead they will move based on where your position is. On the plus side- the movement is reflected in sister pairs and thats how you beat the system.

Using the systems drift caused by position on one pair to move the market so you profit on another pair that you loaded less heavily. Its a balancing act. Hi there, does any individual have any legitimate evaluation of the Forex Megadroid application? All of the opinions via the internet just appear to be affiliate websites. It can work really well for several weeks, and then will trade a few disasterous trades in a row, and lose all your money.

This happens pretty much inevitably. I would always win on demo accounts, and lose on live accounts, After about 3 years trying, I realise that the brokers are all pitted against you, anfd will always adjust their spreads to prevent automated trading at high levels of leverage and small lots sizes from winning, you will always lose with this method, full stop.

The only way you might make money is with longer term, small trades, this way corrupt brokers spread increases will not affect you trade as badly, as you should aim for pips profit per trade.

I just wanted to thank you for writing this blog and taking the time for explaining in detail how the forex companies are scamming us. I had a company start closing my trades at random when I started beating the simulation and could not figure out why it kept happening. Your blog explains it so well to the ones who seek the truth.

Keep up the good work you are definitely making a difference! Thank you for commenting. I was starting to think I was wasting my time trying to tell people whats going on- seemed like all the visitors were just people leaving spam comments. Knowing at least one person gained understanding from my blog makes writing it all worth it.

Please tell as many people as possible the truth about whats going on. Forex trading is the most liquid financial market in the world. One can make use of automated Forex trading system for making fast, secure transactions in Forex trading. I would love to make all the interested traders aware of my online trading website through which we provide some trading tips to the traders in order to avoid failure and risk in Forex trading market.

With these helpful tips and instructions on Forex trading, brokers and various traders gain the upper hand by going through our important articles on Forex trading. You are one of the scum this site is talking about.

I bet you would like to take every ones money! If I had know this before I would never placed my money in the hands of professional crooks scam bags! They assessed me as an easy prey, and they scammed me. Its happening world wide and the stock market is next.

Too much money is involved for governments to stop them. Its up to us to warn each other. Sorry for not responding. I failed to check my comment notification email account for a few months. Over the next two months it dropped more than 50 percent and i was stopped out. Finally, i started trading with Oanda I credit this mainly to the low leverage, among other considerations. The XM story is entirely different. I had no prior experience with such high leverage, and ruined the first account: Again, i was stopped out.

I was very foolish, and never should have leveraged using the high leverage, or held such a large position. I tried again, and reduced my exposure. I am now almost broke and living on credit cards:


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