Forex sensation myfxbook. Forex Sensation Review And Forum Discussion ForexFBI – Best for 3 months (got it from MyFxBook: ForexSensation System | Myfxbook).

Forex sensation myfxbook

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Forex sensation myfxbook. Page Pepperstone Forex Commercial Content. that simple facts are portrayed as some sort of sensations or revelations of the secrets. .. I have had my account linked to MyFXBook for months via the publisher in Tools.

Forex sensation myfxbook

Have you seen our live tests page? Please login or register. Home Forum Help Login Register. Take it for what you want. Did not see higher quality ones and longer periods yet.

October 20, , I purchased Forex Sensation EA today, paid the first of 3 installments. Setup 2 demo accounts. First with FX Choice as per the recommendations in the instructions and 2nd with Tallinex. I didnt purchase the upsells, as I never do, as I will always test out the basic first before investing in an up sell.

My results on the backtest after following the instructions as best I can: I got some differences on my backtest with the live results, so I asked the Forex Sensation support about it. Aside from the common reasons spread etc , here's what they wrote: It's a semantic algorithm, in a way "reading" the news and halting the trading when the conditions are unfavorable.

Obviously, there is no way for the algorithm to "read" the news on a backtest. So whenever you see a losing trade there, it would most likely never occur on a live trading as the news filter would have disabled the trading at the time. They've also shared the investor access to the championship's live account: Is this system traded without stoploss?

I guess myfxbook cant show how deep open drawdown the EA had, only closed DD in pips. But the Trade Analytics on myfxbook is visible on some trades, one had a worst DD of 24pips, but there is a lot of trades when the Trade Analytics is not visible. Is this a curvefitted WSFR? Hiya Here are some results of a backtest: LFN on October 20, , Guys, be very careful with this! There is too big difference between the backtests and the myfxbook live account.

I suppose the live account is some very lucky manual trading and it is stopped in the right time. On the backtests I can see Profit Factor 1. The website is too commercial, huge price, some doubtful competition Be very careful with this! I am suspicios just because of the name of the EA - Cash Printer I wouldn't bother with this because I think it's just another ticking time bomb. How can any broker steal your money, even regulated ones by Mirza Qasim [ Yesterday at Whom did you want to be in childhood?

Profiforex by Benjamin7 [ Yesterday at Bitcoin Discussion by Eliza Abrams [ Yesterday at List of brokers to avoid as a newbie; by Eliza Abrams [ Yesterday at October 19, , Also I heard there are upsells in place - that's the worst thing vendor can do with selling it really means he is focused on fullfilling his pockets not selling a good product.

Also my point of view is always the same: Because if they were sold, they would have been cracked very soon. Logged new myfxbook home see below, accounts added soon. I have no interruptions and I can bet my PC resource is better. Why you should fill the pockets of some VPS company? Holy crap I'm jealous of that internet connection. I'm in a small down with nothing but DSL available that has a k upload speed. My servers are dedicated not vps and necessary to produce reliable stats.

I feel bad that we're hijacking the Forex Sensation thread with a discussion about servers - any further comments or suggests just send me a PM? Logged pipsbuster Full Member Posts: I have WSFR too and there's nothing in common.

Logged reinerh Hero Member Posts: October 21, , Donna's Blog Analysing trades:


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