Forex management notes for cs professional. CS Solved Scanner Professional Programme. Financial Treasury and Forex Management. Content Details –. Syllabus; Bird's Eye View; Line Chart; Frequency Table showing distribution of marks; Frequency table showing marks of compulsory questions. Study material based contents. (Study I) Nature and.

Forex management notes for cs professional

CS Professional Financial, Treasury and Forex Management By Bhupesh Anand

Forex management notes for cs professional. Exciting Ways to Study FTFM is continued Mr. CS Sunil Kumar of CS Mysore has shared these Interesting Materials, which can help you to kick-start your basic understanding of Financial, Treasury & Forex Management subject in Company Secretary Professional Program. Now, lets start studyin [I mean.

Forex management notes for cs professional

W e all worry a lot about this subject reason behind it are: The paper is actually meant to be a practical paper, though the Institute is liberal enough to ask theoretical questions.

By solving sums too you can score with if you present them well with proper working notes and formulas. Leave no chance for the examiner to deduct your marks. Reading theory for FM can be a wise decision because questions cannot be twisted. You can note down some distinguish between questions. Out of which 5 will definitely come. You should aim at least here. Even under the new syllabus the questions will remain same though the marks per question will defer.

While Revising the theory part analyze the way the answers are being answered. There is no need to write lengthy answers. No examiner has so much time to read them! Even solving Sums correctly give you confidence that you are going to get Full marks for the paper solved. You should not allot more than 1 hr. I would advise you to attempt the 20 marks sums only if you are fully confident because incase its wrong damage caused is irreversible!

In Every attempt the sums asked are alternate to the one asked in previous exams so make a chart of the pattern in which the institute is preparing the question paper this will help you predict the imp. Chapters for the ensuing attempt!

Budgeting or the Marks allotted and type of sum will not be same as before. Same is in case of Cost of Capital and Leverage.. The type of question asked in one attempt will be different not the one asked in the next attempt. So prepare smartly instead of revising each and every thing! Most of us neglect forex thinking its though and beyond our limits.

But, trust me if you really want to clear this subject you have to practice forex sums , try to remember the formulas and solve sums practice makes you perfect. You need to have a conceptual approach for the forex part and sums asked from this part are small and can fetch you high marks with less risks.

The sums asked here are small and are based on formulas. So, Make a note of all the formulas and practice the sums thrice and you will get confidence to crack them in exams. What I did in my exam was I started my answers from forex part this gives an impression to the examiner that the examinee has talent and confidence to attempt the toughest first instead of going for theory.

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