Forex factory alpari discussion. FSCS or KPMG might transffer the balance to the ETX directly (if you agree to this) There is another usefull discussion about claims ect on this forum too (just to keep updated, as there are people who calling FSCS, KMPG, ETX quite often): &page= But at this.

Forex factory alpari discussion

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Forex factory alpari discussion

Investor compensation schemes — are you covered? Hopefully, client funds are segregated, i cant look up my contract because their website is down and i dont have a copy of it, anyone have a contract they can look at?

I just saw its per person so on that topic. What is the best way to ensure maximum protection? Open with multiple brokers? Alpari already set-up new shop yesterday and is accepting deposits of any size. Sounds like a desperate move to me. Really, they already set-up new shop yesterday?

I haven't read or seen anything about it. Either way, stumbled upon an interesting article, mentioning that the SAR will assess the client money position. According to this article that I have found: That is a VERY quick process of creditors getting their money back for a company who has declared bankrupcy.

Guys, I wanted to share with you some news in regard to the administration process. According to the article: However, there is also bad news for traders how had a negative balance.

Although it was reported that the administration process would take up to 8 weeks, however I can't sit still and not neglect the news articles. Well they have to, now it seems like the Alpari Group has bought the intelectual properties; atozforex. What do you think of this exclusie retention discount?

Quite unnecessary in my opinion. KPMG have an update today. Claims portal will pay out in dollars probably at a rate of 1. Will alpari UK clients get their money back? It depends where it is domiciled: Were you a 'Swiss-gate' victim? Read the linked article, it is explained in there with a diagram as well as text.

I think they are working on it, so let's hope they can finally get their money back. I must have overlooked it.


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