Cftc reauthorisation forex. th. Proposal are sound and consistent w~th the legislative goals for retail forex embodied in the CFTC Reauthorization Act of These legislative goals focused first and foremost on clarifying the. CFTC~s j urisdiction over retai! forex; imposing statutory capital requirements for CFTC- registered retail forex coun~erparties;.

Cftc reauthorisation forex

Forex CFTC COT Report 26th August Technical & Fundamental Analysis GBP USD JPY MXN EUR CAD AUD GOLD

Cftc reauthorisation forex. Press Release: CFTC Releases Rule Enforcement Review of the Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile The Commodity Futures Trading Commission's (CFTC) Division of Market Oversight (Division) has issued the results of a Dec.

Cftc reauthorisation forex

The advertisements seem too good to pass up. They tout high returns coupled with low risks from investments in foreign currency forex contracts. Sometimes they even offer lucrative employment opportunities in forex trading. Do these deals sound too good to be true? Unfortunately, they are, and investors need to be on guard against these scams. They may look like a new sophisticated form of investment opportunity, but in reality they are the same old trap—financial fraud in fancy garb.

Forex trading can be legitimate for governments and large institutional investors concerned about fluctuations in international exchange rates, and it can even be appropriate for some individual investors. But the average investor should be wary when it comes to forex offers.

Forex contracts involve the right to buy or sell a certain amount of a foreign currency at a fixed price in U. Profits or losses accrue as the exchange rate of that currency fluctuates on the open market. It is extremely rare that individual traders actually see the foreign currency. Instead, they typically close out their buy or sell commitments and calculate net gains or losses based on price changes in that currency relative to the dollar over time.

Forex markets are among the most active markets in the world in terms of dollar volume. The participants include large banks, multinational corporations, governments, and speculators. Individual traders comprise a very small part of this market. Forex scams attract customers with sophisticated-sounding offers placed in newspaper advertisements, radio promotions, or on Internet sites.

Promoters often lure investors with the concept of leverage: Coupled with predictions about supposedly inevitable increases in currency prices, these contracts are said to offer huge returns over a short time, with little or no downside risk. The CFTC is the Federal agency with the primary responsibility for overseeing the commodities markets, including foreign currency trading.

Many state securities regulators also have the right under their state laws to take action against illegal commodities investments. Sometimes the CFTC and the states work together on cases. If you are solicited by a company that claims to trade foreign currencies and asks you to invest funds, you should be very careful.

Watch out for the following warning signs:. Be wary of promises that sound too good to be true: Be skeptical about unsolicited phone calls offering investments, especially those from out-of-state salespersons or companies that are unfamiliar. Be especially cautious if you have acquired a large sum of cash recently and are looking for an investment vehicle. In particular, retirees with access to their retirement funds may be attractive targets for fraudulent operators.

Getting your money back once it is gone can be difficult or impossible. Be wary of high-pressure efforts to convince you to send or transfer cash immediately to the firm, via overnight delivery or the Internet. Be smart about the money you do put at risk. Even when purchased through the most reputable dealer, forex investments are extremely risky.

If you are tempted to invest, make sure you understand these products and above all, only invest what you can afford to lose. Investors should make sure that anyone offering a forex investment is properly licensed and has a reputable business history. You can also find out if someone is registered by calling the National Futures Association at The securities regulator in your state or province also may be able to help. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Transparency International Contact Us.

Foreign Exchange Currency Fraud: The Whistleblower Program provides monetary incentives to individuals who come forward to report possible violations of the Commodity Exchange Act.


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