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Wealth club forex

iMarketslive IML #WeDontTrade Scam

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Wealth club forex

News articles and trades ideas should be posted with your analysis or a question. Post an article, or link to multiple articles with your analysis in it. Also, concerning your analysis, see The following should go without saying There is a thin line between promoting a product and service and SPAM.

Links to external services, especially if they are selling a product such as signals services or binary options will be excised with haste. Want to post a trade? Users posting empty trades will find them removed. We want analysis and reasons. There are a plethora of subs devoted to the various cryptocurrencies in existence, a simple Reddit search will lead you to them.

This sub deals with recognized currencies tied to existing nations and Governments. Memes are occasionally funny, but we do not want them here during trading hours. Inherently, post memes only on weekends. Any ever heard of Wealth Generators? I see alot of people on Instagram who are apart of this mlm company. Where they receive indicators and signals by 20 yrs. They are also giving a compensation for referral efforts. Thank you everyone for responding.

If any one has experience with this please let me know. And please leave any advice you can think of. This is both of those things. Forget indicators and initially forget technical analysis. Set the chart to monthly, open up the central bank websites for the pair you want to trade and youtube; Go through their material and reports, if you don't understand a term, youtube an explanation for it.

Most of them are well explained. Once you get a grounding on how fundementals work, and what the majority of proffessional traders are actually thinking about, then get into basic technicals starting at trendlines, then patterns, then candlesticks, then finally EMAs, and then after all of that and months of study go into indicators. The general idea is if someone is making a fortune trading, why would they share their secret?

Forex is a zero sum game. Anything fancy they have, was bought with scam money. I asked around and found out it was forex trading. Not sure where you are based, but Neno is a real nice guy who's made a lot of money, but I don't like the system.. WG is a pyramid scheme and he's at the top. There is money to be made somewhere in the system there but it's gutless. I know exactly who you're talking about.

I figured a lot of the money he's gotten was from the recruiting he's doing, mostly on FB and showing his profits.

It's getting those people hooked. One thing I noticed he does is he holds sessions with people and he makes trades and gets them profit which is interesting. In his videos, he's been pretty honest that he lost a lot of money in the beginning but stayed with it. So it's not blatantly lying to everyone. I can't blame people for joining like mad. The profits that he puts up, it gets people going crazy. Yep I agree, I've got him on facebook and we've talked a few times over the phone.

Nice guy for sure, but I still don't really want to feed my money into the system. Whether or not you can make profits, I don't have the money to throw into it monthly.

My friend is close with Logan Shippy, one of the top earners of the company. I was in WG for a few months. It is not a pyramid scheme. I was able to make a team of 50 and everyone on my team to my knowledge made money off it.

You get a couple trade alerts via email a week. They are usually accurate. Their education system isn't very good. Baby Pips is much better for that. The compensation plan is really the only good part. I left for a couple reasons. First off, there was a lot of drama. The top earners seem to hate each other.

My friend who is a top earner has beef with Logan Shippy and they would take shots at each other via social media which created armies of people shit talking the other. Secondly, I didn't feel morally right about it. I was selling info that you can for free. Do I recommend it? Unless you want to get into network marketing I don't think it's a good idea. It's a brutal business.

Yes they are the biggest joke in history, and don't understand about how the FX markets move, or how money moves around, or probably don't even know what GDP stands for. The people you see on instagram are fake, they don't actually trade FX. ForexJesus if you are looking for a real trader ;. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Log in or sign up in seconds. No empty news articles or analysis News articles and trades ideas should be posted with your analysis or a question. Also, concerning your analysis, see 2: Keep It Professional No insults or attacks of any kind.

Abusive posters will be banned. Posting Trades Want to post a trade? Memes Memes are occasionally funny, but we do not want them here during trading hours. This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. I am a newbie trader, just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with it themselves? Want to add to the discussion?

You have to find the secret yourself, if it exists. You can learn forex free. Nevertheless, at the end of the day it is not a scam but not something I suggest. Watch their YouTube videos.


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