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Steve boardman forex

Mark Boardman's FREE Forex Trading Room Tuesday 5th August 2014

Steve boardman forex. forex trader lifestyle malaysia, forex trader malaysia, forex trader mark boardman, forex trader makes millions, forex trader losses, forex trader mentor, fo.

Steve boardman forex

All FPA testing of his products has been stopped. In July , a negative review came in for Forex Growth Bot that appears to really be from the owner of Primeval.

A large number of negative reviews were left for Donna Forex from the same location. Coincidentally, Donna had just ended her testing of Primeval EA and the owner of Primeval was sending her abusive messages. We consider these unethical actions by the owner of Primeval to be very shameful. The FPA recommends against dealing with this company. Review Moderation Team Note: Thanks for the final confirmation that the fake reviews came from you.

If you think that mailing links to libel about the FPA posted by a dead scam broker will help your reputation, we aren't going to stop you. We are a little shocked that you would pick up unpleasant pictures off the web and claim they are Donna.

That proves that you aren't just an unethical person, but also a very childish and rude person too. We wonder why you left yourself a 1 star review as an FPA Traders Court complaint against your own company. Normally, company reps and owners aren't allowed to rate their own companies, but we'll make a special exception in this case. The FPA warns against dealing with any company that is unethical enough to leave fake negative reviews for competitors. We now know that Primeval-EA has done this.

I used this EA since version 2. I had no longer the time to monitor all the news and the Volume, Range of the Pairs and so on. I think, trading a Scalper EA with sometime 30 trades a day is to use as a tool and not setup and be rich after two month. Forex trading or business is WAR and this developer-team seems to fight hard. I can't say that i have a problem with support or this Guys. I've been waiting long before writing my review here but think it's time now to do it.

I always do my own research and drive very good this way ;- sorry about my language.. I trade better as writing reviews. Regards, Review Moderation Team Note: The FPA fights hard against hackers. We are certain that the vast majority of the reviews here are legitimate. We also had to kick Primeval's owner out of the FPA's forums for unprofessional conduct.

He's also had similar issues with other forum administrators. He also left a fake negative review for a competing EA. After a year of not using this EA, this guy sends me an e-mail and is still pissed off because a review I did on his EA performance.

Sunday, June 12, 2: Forex Loser What's up with your life Forex Loser? I still continue selling my very great EA you like it or not and now I have 3 PAMM Accounts making money everyday from trading volume, trading commission and performance. You're a stupid forex loser that tried to ruin my business in the past just like a few other idiots but you all failed.

And I'd bet you just don't stop losing money i Forex if you continue trying Very unprofessional and no mo reupdates. I understand some people that are probably not satisfied with this EA, but probably they want to get rich in one week. If this is your case, well, just let me tell you one thing guys: How you want to get rich by the next week using an EA? With this EA you can probably see your money double in 7 - 10 months Risk of blowing your account?

It took over a month and I had to get Plimus to intervene. What a complete looser: My understanding is that you are the 3rd party vendor therefore I am entitled to a no questions money back guarantee refund from yourselves.. Please can I have some feedback from you? I Am not quite sure why I am getting so much abuse from the vendor. There are indeed two different view points on how the product performs. There is no need to continue this discussion with the vendor.

Please proceed as requested. The EA simply works and very well, I dont know what hit youre talking about but in Forex Were used to this, its part of the game, however the EA is showing to be able to overcome losing days very easily once the Market gets favorable again, this happens all the time.

Notably beginners are more likely to request a refund and experienced people value this EA, I have noted this along this time Ive been selling it. Yes I have made changes to the pairs as you suggested, and Yes there has been some inprovement yes my account has been slightly profitable however my test account was significantly hit in early testing, and the improvement is very marginal. Believe me - if I thought this was going to make me money I would want to keep it!

Obviousuly, there is a certain level of expectancy with this EA becuase of the unusually high price. In my opinion they are not justified. Nor are the claims of results to be expected. I have done everything you have asked of me. I have never put the ea live. I will politley thank you for your time and ask once again to refund as promised.

I am not prepared to trial this any longer. Thankyou and good luck with your EA. Its very profitable, specially on Alpari UK, this is my demo: I asked for a refund 10th September They sent the email below to ask me to try a couple of things and offered an extension up until october 31st.

I have shown willing but the results are still not as suggested, there can be no excuses now. I contacted them 2 days ago but have heard nothing so I am escalating to yourselves. Please arrange for the refund to be processed. Fri, 10 Sep Monday was Bank Holiday by the way and affected us badly Even that way your results are too bad, it would seem something is wrong with your setup?

This is an external forward test not ran by us: Forward tests on FPA are shown with version 2. You will only get version 2. What this vendor did is update some same pairs as in 2.

Only for managed accounts from now on,which is dishonest. I can understand if he came up with a brand new set of pairs to trade and then offered them only through managed accounts,but it is the same currency pairs that you had with old version.

No other vendor does that. I use the new version 2. Thanks for the followup with the location explained better. Just to let people know, I ordered this EA over 3 hours ago via Paypal. Time now is Plimus handle the payments for Primeval and I have to say its been very frustrating. They have my money, my details, my phone number, my address, I paid by paypal and I still cant get access to the Primeval website so I can download the software. Yes I still dont have it!!

The problem seems to be the over the top process that Plimus have to verfiy the payment verification process. You cant get access to download your Primeval EA until they say you can. I sent several emails to Primeval Support, they were very defensive and just kept saying that its not there responsibilty. The only saving grace was they did a least respond to my emails.

Anyway just thought you should be warned prior to handing over your hard earned cash. If a company has a great product, they don't have to cuss people out who find their product sub-standard and not at all up to their outrageous claims. However, when a company makes a lot of false claims, they have to resort to threats and foul language against those who expose them.

Unfortunately, this is the case with this sorry company. Steer clear, this EA will give you small wins, and big losses. Here is what they have to say to me after seeing my previous posting here on FPA: Long time Mark, I just read your stupid comments at FPA, do you think you'll destroy my business that way? You're completely wrong, do you think I'm not getting sales and the EA is not getting any better? I'm once more ranked 1 here: What can you expect with a SL of ????

You also mentioned this: Cloverix is the only one so far that has constant wins. How has been Cloverix performing for you lately eh?


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