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Rainbow scam

Growtopia I got scam rainbow wing :( notprank

Rainbow scam. wife and i had a sales person come to the house yesterday and do a demonstration. i have to admit i was really impressed until they broke out the $ price tag. does anyone on here own one of the new systems? if so, please tell me why it's worth the money or if it's a scam. wife is wanting it bad but we.

Rainbow scam

This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Want to know more about ConsumerAffairs accredited brands? Check out ConsumerAffairs for Brands. First off I want to say it works great on carpet but we plan on taking all the carpet out of the house and putting down hardwood floors. We told the sales guy this. He told us that the Rainbow works great on hardwood floors and you don't have to use a broom ever again. You won't have to worry about bending over and using the dustpan???

So I go to clean a few days later and I use the long head like he recommended. It got all the dog hair up I have 2 large dogs and 5 cats, we live in the country in a big house, along with 2 children so I clean every day.

But this was the 1st time I was trying the vacuum on the kitchen floor. It was a fail. I decided to go back and sweep to see what all it missed. I swept up all kinds of dirt and crumbs the kids and dropped in my floor. So I call the sales guy and he tells me it's past my 3 days but it sounds like there is something wrong with my vacuum. He is coming out to "fix" the problem. It also doesn't clean beside the walls like they said it will.

I have to pull the hose out to use it. I just want my bagless vacuum back. It is much lighter and with me having to vacuum every day with a husky in the house it is so much easier. So if you have a husky I don't recommend you get this vacuum cleaner or if you like to clean in your house shoes because you can't step on all the buttons to lift the product off the stands. This vacuum is also very heavy if you have more than one floor or a split level house. When I said something about that they said, "Well you can always get another vacuum to put upstairs.

She was not happy with my response. I really just want to return the vacuum cleaner I haven't made any payments but they won't take it back at all and told me I was out of luck. I attended a neighborhood street fair where I submitted an entry to a raffle for a free water fragrance machine. I should have known something was wrong when they asked if I owned my home. Two days after the fair I received a call stating I had won a machine and they wanted to schedule a time to drop off the machine and show me how to set it up.

The woman stated they also wanted to show me the rainbow machine while they were at my home. I asked how long would it take and I was told an hour so I agreed. My mistake--I thought the "rainbow" was a fancier water scent machine. The sales rep came, she appeared nice at first. She gave the free machine and demonstrated different scents. Once she was done she brought out the rainbow and at first she demonstrated it as a air purifier before she showed me it was a vacuum cleaner.

I asked the price. She tried to convince me I could earn enough money to pay for my machine. When I told her I don't like sales, she said they don't sale they demonstrate lol!

You know just people helping people. I told her we needed to wrap it because I had something to do, but she persisted. I told her if I wanted one I would just buy one on the secondary market from someone who regretted buying it. So I just left her downstairs while I went upstairs to change clothes and do my hair.

She finally got the hint and left. I had attended a craft show at a church. The guy talked me into entering for a free "new" rain air purifier. Said it was completely free. Called me later and said my name had been drawn out, and we had won the free air purifier. He set up a time with us to come "set it up. Well he shows up with a freaking vacuum cleaner!

Very difficult to get him to leave. We had kids hungry for dinner and needing to get in bed for school, he still wouldn't leave! And he demonstrated the "carpet cleaner" and left our carpet wet! Just beware if you see a contest for a free air purifier!! I purchase the Rainbow Vacuum on October 8, against that little voice in my head saying "No, don't do this.

She said "You only get a 3 day return policy, you cannot return it now. I went back to my contract. I reread it over and over again. Only 3 days to determine whether or not I like a machine that suppose to help clean my home better?! I called the distribution center the next business day.

The woman I spoke to was incredibly rude and told me I "had to deal with it now. The suction can't keep up with the amount of pet hair in my home. It has to be thoroughly cleaned in the middle of cleaning one room in my home. My old vacuum never gave me that trouble. You don't get all of the attractments all at once. You have to do shows in order to get the other pieces. It has doubled my cleaning time, when I'd rather be spending time with my family.

This has been the biggest mistake I have ever made. Pushed to buy the Rainbow vacuum system. They promised to help us sell enough to pay for it through the go for it program. Left us high and dry, even after multiple calls to higher ups to try to solve the problem. Still did not get demos to try to sell more.

Good system crappy representation. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Rainbow Vacuum? For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I'm seeing a lot of complaints so I want to take time to share why we love our Rainbow!!

We bought it in from a friend who signed up to sell to earn her own Rainbow for free. We had to take out a loan to pay for it, but we paid it off a few years later. It was a great investment and we use it daily with three small kids and a dog. Our dog did chew up some of the pieces twice so we had to replace those. Once we had the whole thing cleaned inside and out.

It was perfect and like new. Nothing beats opening the water basin and seeing all the nasty dust, dirt, hair, etc. I purchased this awesome machine nearly 2 years ago. My son has severe asthma and since I got this he hasn't had any breathing issues, his inhaler goes untouched, his nebulizer collects dust in the closet. I like that when I'm done I dump the water and rinse the bowl. I never have to worry about canisters and bags. I wasn't a fan of the scents, didn't really find them to work all that great.

Also never received the free gift for referring 3 demos but whatever. I purchased it through their financing department. I had a mix up with my bank and ended up missing a payment, the people called to make sure everything was OK and how long I'd need to make up the payment. Super helpful, understanding and the best part, it's technically a loan so every payment gets reported on my credit. So clean air and building up that score! I don't know what everyone is complaining about.

It's not bulky or particularly heavy. I have had a Rainbow since early 90s and although it is getting tired and parts are needing repair it still outperforms the Dyson I recently purchased. Yes the Rainbow is cumbersome and vacuuming is a chore and Dyson is easier, the claim wet dust can't fly is so true.

It's gross to empty a dusty, dirty Dyson and still have dust all over the place. With the Rainbow you see the dirty water and it drains and you know your house is clean. Using attachments for surfaces or walls is terrific and a breeze. The hoses are easy to use and this is the best piece of equipment I have ever owned for my house.


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