Life as a full time forex trader. Forex Trader Story: A Day in the Life of a Full-Time Forex Trader. Forex Trading Is A Serious Business. Forex trading must be seen as a serious business, not just a casual roll of the dice or a leisurely pursuit. If you approach trading as a means of getting your dose of adrenaline, do yourself a favour by staying away from it.

Life as a full time forex trader

What's it like to be a Full Time Trader?

Life as a full time forex trader. Professional status as a forex trader takes years of commitment, backed up by clearly-defined strategies that show consistent profitability. But the rewards are worth the considerable effort, with high income and a lifestyle that most folks can only dream about. Opportunities abound for these full-time players.

Life as a full time forex trader

When we play with the idea of becoming full time traders, we sometimes think in the terms of our normal jobs. Professional traders that work for big firms are normally trading with a big account. Since, as you now already, trading emotionally is a losing proposition, and if on top of that, you are worried that each trade could make or break your earnings for that week then you are dealing with enormous pressure, which can be daunting and make trading for a living a difficult task. You might by asking how to achieve that if you may not even have enough money in your trading account for one single month of expenses, let alone 4 and then let something there to trade.

Fair enough, I was there once too. The answer to that is the following:. It might take you a while to get there but in the meantime you will perfect your trading and become much more of a professional trader. It might take you some time to do complete this process, but in the end it might be only one year or maybe two years before you can start trading for a living.

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