Forex what is xau. Gold (XAU/USD) - Reasons Why Gold is Traded. As an investment, gold is the most popular of the precious metals; Investors like a currency than a commodity; There are several factors which drive gold up/down: Global inflation; War in the Middle East and North Africa; Threats to oil supplies; Volatility in the forex markets.

Forex what is xau

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Forex what is xau

The original price comes from the comex. Which stands for Commodity Exchange. It is a child of the Nymex. Reuters is just a news agency like ap and so on. Though Reuters is more specialized in financial markets.

Reuters is a news agency, yes. But they play a far larger role than that in spot markets. I'll dig up the link somewhere. It's quite interesting how they are used to integrate market makers into one stream. Hey Master, how are things going? I don't know what you are looking for. Even with physical delivery. Reuters just get their price feeds from there. As other news agencies do. Like they get prices from other exchanges.

The prices are made at exchances and never at news agencies. At least not yet I hope, lol. But spot metals at the retail level are much the same as spot forex. The Foreign Exchange Interbank Market. They don't list all the options for spot that are provided by EBS, or Reuters, so the metals is still a mystery. But it wouldn't surprise me if they ran through the same dealers for feeds.

Well, I know some say that the cabal is making the prices, lol. Anyways, even in your linked article they mention the largest money maker als delivering the market price within an otc business. If not the Comex is the largest money maker even in delivering pure gold , who is? I doubt they trade much gold, lol. If just the banks would make the price gold would still sell at or even lower usd.

I am sure they would like it to push the price down to 1 buck per ounce or less. We can see, they don't. So, they can't control the prices. At least not that far. That means that the interbank prices are probably also just feeds from the Comex.

We probably wouldn't find that out to the spot if not somebody would ask Comex where they get their feeds from. I am too lazy to do it, but maybe some others could try? It IS spot silver and gold. Feed most likely comes from Reuters. But don't quote me on it. I've looked fruitlessly, but I'll find it. There is no intended delivery, just speculatory trades.


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