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Forex company online monitor

Crazy FOREX trader multi-monitor trading station set-up. HOW-TO use 4 and 6 monitors

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Forex company online monitor

I have seen this very frequently that when someone decides to trade, the first thing he does is spending several thousands of dollars to buy several monitors with a strong graphic card, or setting up a multi-monitor trading desk. Of course, they can not be blamed, because they are just misled by others. They think in order to trade professionally, having multiple monitors is a must, but this is not true. Almost all of trading platforms can handle several charts and tile them in different ways.

Whenever you want to check a chart, you can maximize it, zoom in and out, and then minimize it and check another chart. I personally have a laptop that I can take anywhere I go, and I check the markets through it without any problems.

The only problem of using a laptop is that you have to bend your neck to look at the laptop monitor and this will create neck pain after a while. This problem can be easily resolve with buying one extra desk monitor, placing it on the desk, and connecting it to your laptop. You can use this monitor when you are going to check the charts or sit at the computer for a longer time.

If you do so, you will never experience any neck pain. Keep the work dead simple and you will get better results. It can even make you lose more, because it makes the work more complicated, and complication in trading has no result but failure and loss.

Instead of being worried about the things that have no role in your success, focus on the factors that make you successful. Start from the right place and follow the right track. Is it possible taking same risk on real account? However, are you really going to do that? Thank for your reply. Surely I will not going to do it on real account.

Just wanted to know how the pros managing their risk. I thk you missed an article by Mr. Chris which mentions about demo trading. You got to treat it like a real live account.

But in real account there will be too much fear involved. Dont let greed overwhelm you as well. All e best buddy. As for me, I have been trading my demo account with this strong patterns strategy for almost 2 months.

I just have to be patient. It will cause you to wipe out your account sooner or later. I have been studying now for about 18 months. One thing I know that what-ever you do in your demo account you will do in your live one. Please remember that Equity Management is very important to you and your account survival.

I am a novice trader and also had at the beginning this stupid ideea about how many monitors do I need. I thought about ? I have bought a second-hand one with EUR a new one of this type would have costet me way above EUR and I am very satisfied with it.

Respect to you and your followers! Thank you for your input on this subject. Of course, at the time I thought that day trading was the way to go but ever since I started following you on your website, my brain has been rewired… Eureka!!!

Thanks Chris for your mentorship and advice, you really help us in this site. God will reward you aboundantly. But I recommend you to use both systems along with each other.

Specially the way that the first system supports the second one. DBB system has a good success rate, but sometimes it has more losing setups under some special markets condition. I used to trade on ipad but lately I trade using MT4 platform on my iphone. I am unable to trade all 19 pairs which you guys mentioned. Only 14 of them are available for the MT4 apps. Thanks for helping us in shortening our trading path! Thanks Chris , for once again giving clarity about not having to have numerous monitors to read.

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