Are forex charts rigged. The primary argument folks who call forex a scam put forward is that fact that forex brokers take the other side of your position in their market making . If you think the market maker is trading specifically against you, check the other vendors charts! .. My skill didnt change- the platforms became rigged.

Are forex charts rigged

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Are forex charts rigged. The idea of Forex rigging may appear impossible, but it does go on and several major investors have been caught by the regulators.

Are forex charts rigged

I'm wondering what other people think about this paragraph I found on wikipedia about market makers I know, not exactly the bastion of knowledge, but it got me thinking.

Hence, the client's loss and the spread is the market-maker firm's profit, which gets thus compensated for the effort of providing liquidity in a competitive market. This extra liquidity reduces transaction costs and therefore facilitates trades for the clients, who would otherwise have to accept a worse price or even not be able to trade at all. Most foreign exchange trading firms are market makers and so are many banks, although not in all currency markets.

Doesn't that create a huge conflict of interest? If my broker the market maker can see my open position, it is in their interest that I loose money and that they make the money. When trading, aren't I actually fighting against my broker? If I'm making money, my broker is loosing! Just like a casino. What makes matters worse, since my account is with the broker, and they have access to all my account data, they can see my stops and limits. And they loose when I win!!

Perhaps a solution is to just include 'mental stops'. That way I'm not showing the 'house' what my limits are. Retail access to the market, assuming you are involved with a reputable broker ie.

NFA registered at least , will never compare to a ECN style broker that offers the interbank rates and charges commission. But with the right broker, the extra transaction costs can be minimal and you can still trade just as profitably if you are indeed good at trading. That said, I would never recommend scalping on anything but an ECN style broker. We are lucky that retail brokers exist, they offer you a chance to trade Forex with amounts of money way way too small for real interbank orders.

In effect, you bite the bullet till you can afford to get better access to those interbank transactions that are whizzing by in 1million sized lots. It is not gambling - it is an investment. Forex market seems to be like any other profession. You get the most out of it only when you have stayed there for long enough. That wouldn't make a difference, because they'd still know pretty well where all the noobs have got their stops - mental or otherwise. Remember they wouldn't be just going after YOU and your specific stops, but as large a group of people as possible, by targetting a certain likely area of stops.

I am unclear about how exactly a forex brokerage is run, but I believe it is not comparable to a casino, as you are betting against the overall market and not the broker.

The broker then becomes the 'middleman', not the retailer. Of course for every trade there are people who bet counter to each other, eg there may be another person who sells 1 lot of EURUSD.

So in effect, there needs to be no actual 'buying' or 'selling' between banks because the effect is cancelled. This is how brokers make money. I hope I've answered your question correctly. The trading platforms are rigged Wealth is distributed among the select. Nothing is governed by chance. They have had years of social manipulation to protect there wealth.

As for the pro traders who think they have all the secrets they usually work for the banks or brokers who line each others pockets. The old saying big fish eat little fish. Thankfully there is a pure energy called god that will overcome there greed. All truth and knowledge comes from god!

Although even religion has been manipulated by money. Here's a recent thread which addresses your questions http: Ive even seen chart changes from broker to broker,i never said you cant make money,but i guarantee its always just enough to make you feel like a satisfied customer,while the broker is the real winner.

With a pseudonym like master to supplement your ego,why not title yourself lord or sir? Or is this alittle to prententious? My screen name came from a comedy movie called "Kung Pow". There is no pretentiousness to it.

He's a master of nothing. But know that broker must translate all client's transactions to interbank, at that rate you can be sure in his fair-dealing. If your borrowing money to place a trade then whoever loaned you that money knows exactly where and when you borrowed that money. If you worked at a large trading institution would you really work the market without knowing what the other large institutions were doing.

Is the retail forex market rigged? Does this make any sense? Would love to hear what others have to say on this topic.

Nothing like taking a ride in the wayback machine to complain about brokers You sure your tinfoil hat band isn't too tight? Hi, romulus Here's a recent thread which addresses your questions http: If a bank is prepared to cheat a high value client. Why would a broker have any integrity. The only logical conclusion is that they must work together. But you can outsmarte them though.

Why do you think I go against the trend?


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