Andreas kirchberger forex killer. Forex Killer - Andreas Kirchberger's Method For More Winning Trades. First of all, you probably have first heard about trading, either from seeing some ad on a finance website, or perhaps a late night infomercial. You probably thought you could make some serious money with a little investment. Websites.

Andreas kirchberger forex killer

Forex Killer Review

Andreas kirchberger forex killer. Andreas Kircherger is the person behind the popular forex killer software. It is a forex signal generator software that generates its own forex signals that allows ordinary everyday people to get into the forex market based on the buy/sell signals the.

Andreas kirchberger forex killer

Everyone already knows that "Andreas Kirchberger" is portrayed by an actor on the website. This area is for a review of whether or not the product is profitable, not whether or not you like the use of actors. I have the v3. Now I went back to using it. I cannot get through to the members area link which I was given when I bought the software and they are not replying to give me the new link.

Today the software is loading wrong figures from the files. The short term rates are no way near the price range of the actual last 10 entries and there is no one to contact at the customer service. There might be something good about this software but without a customer service backing to solve customer issues, then it is as good as throwing money away.

I had a hundred Euros in hand, and I decided to try it, after almost a month everything went wrong My testardagine distracted me from the fact that, whenever ForexKiller gave a signal After a few hours..

I saw again the same trend of MT4 that was favored by ForexKiller So I decided to try it again for another month on a demo account..

A suggestion for those who are using it for a short time.. On real accounts of course Do not worry I tried FX-Killer for over two months. Once you get the hang of it, it operates and generates signals fairly easy.

However to find those trades is almost impossible, as I only got good signals maybe 1 in 25 tries. Most of the trades were losers, so i have stopped using it for actual trading.

They have no customer service as i have emailed numerious times with no reply. I would stear away from this piece of software as i find it a major disappointment. As a newbie in forex, I have lots of losing trades, but when i started using forex killer, every trade is a good one, just make sure to exit before the tide goes against u.

I purchased a new computer after having Forex-killer installed on my first computer. Forex-killer had to be reactivated with a new activation key number.

After many,many times of trying to contact support for help without any response I have given up. They have also disconnected their phone number. I would stay away from this product and their service. Beware, it's a big rip off. FX Killer does not work. Very bad customer service. They never pick up the phone. Money down the drain. Tested on Demo account and thorough backtesting,great results initially then went bad then good so very inconsistent. Bases it's decision by using historical data for "x" periods so definitely no expert.

Is easy to install and use but beware when running the calculation that you run it after the last period is closed otherwise it will calculate inconsistently.

If you must use it, use it with other tools. If you base your trading decisions on this tool alone, you will lose money. I did not require support so cannot comment. I tested too long past the "money back guarantee" period so have no experience at requesting money back yet it does not do what it claims to do but if you want software to only calculate on history, this is your package.

I decided it was not for me. I had purchased this software a long time back and then i started using it on my various demo accounts. I would not say that it doesn't work bcoz that time,i made a lot of PIPS by using this system..

BUT This thing is truly acceptable that in current volatile market especially for last few months ,this software is not capable enough to generate the very correct signals.. One more thing is that ur most of the trades will be closed with a Green mark but drawdown can be in hundreds.

I purchased this software recently and it does work quite well. It is not an automatic system, it is a signal software, so most of the results are up to your choices.

All of the choices of whether to take the signal and ultimately how you manage your stops and targets are up to you, all it does is offer advice. Choosing the time frame, and time of day, in reference to the pair traded is quite important. As is the basic chart pattern, and how you choose to manage ongoing trades. The software now loads all the data automaticaly. You simply choose "save as" from the Meta Trader platform and "load" on the Forex Killer.

The program generates long and short term recomendations, with fixed stop and take profit levels depending on the time frame chosen, and excellent probability calculations.

Its important to respect the probability calculations, if you stick to only trading high probability trades, your results will be much better. If you do take lower probability trades watch your trades and be prepared to close quickly. Also I've found it helpful to update the software and check the current probabilities.

It gives you a sense of how the software thinks and what to expect from it. Also it can give you a jump on closing a trade early.

The recomendations in combination with the probability calculations, and the overall ease of use and consistent profitability make this a practical and often used piece of software. I've only had it for a short while so I'll post again when I have more to base it on, but so far its a good tool for confirming a trade.

I purchased the software and decided it was not what I expected and decided to request my money back as per the guarantee. I have made numerous 6 requests and I have yet to have my purchase price refunded. If you buy this forget the guarantee!!!!!!!!! Review Moderation Team Note: If you paid via ClickBank, you can get a refund directly through ClickBank. Live discussion Join live discussion of Forex-Killer.

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