Technology profits confidential complaints. Agora Financial reviews: I can't get a brokage firm to do options.. 6 years of Stock and Option experience. Test of agora wpi option spike software.

Technology profits confidential complaints

AGORA FINANCIAL Best Trading Education 2017

Technology profits confidential complaints. Technology Profits Confidential is a monthly email newsletter that promises to give you hot stock tips related to technology. The email newsletter is part of a recent online marketing campaign sent out by Ray Blanco. You can view Ray's statement in the form of a video or an online transcript. Ray describes how the November.

Technology profits confidential complaints

But making a real income in this manner involves access to a huge amount of funds — right? Because what this is actually about is how to invest in, and make good profits, from trading penny stocks. So there was only one thing for us to do — and that was to get down and dirty with exactly what Technology Profits Confidential was all about. Below is what we discovered or you can go to the official site here. Technology Profits Confidential is a monthly run down of the newest investment opportunities for those wishing to invest in penny stocks.

Headed by Ray Blanco, this advisory report uses an appraisal system modeled after the world-class auction house, Sothebys. Treating companies like precious artifacts, every dollar of revenue a company claims to have made is cross-referenced for authenticity and each product launch tracked for widespread consumer appeal.

This includes checking for innovation, defiance of the industry norm, offering a better product at a cheaper price, having strong financial backing, and — very importantly — having an urgent catalyst. Included in the purchase prices of Technology Profits Confidential is the following:. And more in-depth information about other areas that you should be considering investing in — such as VR virtual reality , for example.

Ray Blanco, the guy behind Technology Profits Confidential, is the chief technology officer for Agora Financial, the might behind this product. One of the largest fully independent market research organizations on the planet today, Agora Financial — and Blanco in particular — researches the best new scientific ideas that are available for investment.

Companies such as Apple , Budweiser , Cisco, and Microsoft all originated as tiny penny stocks in tiny companies. And when they get it right, boy do they get it right, making them infinitely important to the global economic engine. Marijuana is only one of the opportunities that Blanco believes is about to explode — not least because of its new legalization in eight states. Making them the perfect go-to investment for normal people — just like you and I. Well, we have to admit that we were extremely hesitant to even give up the time to dig deeper into what Technology Profits Confidential was all about — that was how cynical we were about it.

But we sure are glad we did. Because this really does offer an opportunity for the regular guy or gal to play the stock market game with an excellent chance of making real and sustained profits. A huge amount of research from some of the best brains in the investing game has gone into putting this product together. And it surely will be the mechanism that sees some people making some great profits. So in our humble opinion, if you want to get in on some of the most exciting and innovative companies out there with only a tiny stake, then Technology Profits Confidential could be your means of doing so.

Happy investing — and enjoy seeing those profits roll in…. What do you get for your money with Technology Profits Confidential? Contents What do you get for your money with Technology Profits Confidential?

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