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Pps 43 stock options


Pps 43 stock options. GO TO PAGE. Polish PPSC x25 Pistol - Classic Firearms. ยท Sportsman's Guide has your Used Polish PPS Parts Kit available at a great price in our Tactical Rifle (Back Order, In Stock, Pricing. Pps 43 stock options.

Pps 43 stock options

With the PPs, stock issues are quite simple. First is the issue of rifle or pistol. If you are building a rifle, you're already done! The PPs comes with a nifty folding stock that needs no alteration. However, the barrel length IS a problem. If you are building a pistol, there's a serious legal issue here. You cannot have a functional stock of any kind on a pistol and you must make it so the stock cannot be reattached or unfolded. On the plus side, the barrel length is just fine for a pistol build.

We lose one way or another! Now there are two ways to take care of this legal issue with a pistol build. One is remove the stock completely and permanently, as I do in the following text. The second is to weld the stock in the folded position. It must stay folded and not be able to be unfolded EVER to be legal. Welding should be done between the stock and the receiver and be done two places on each side at the pivot point in the rear of the receiver..

I felt that while it would look better with the stock welded on, it would make it uncomfortable to shoot. As I wanted to build a pistol version, I started by dismounting the existing stock. The push button on the top of the receiver is bradded in place, so I left it. The stock is held on by two collars that are pinned to the through-rod that serves as the pivot for the stock. Just drive out the two pins and spread the stock arms to remove it. Following this, saw off the pivot rod so the stock cannot be re-attached.

The BATF insists that the stock must not ever be able to be replaced. Here are all of the parts disassembled. Note that there may be a paper thin washer between the stock and the receiver. If present, leave it in place to protect the receiver during sawing. Following this, I welded the pivot pin in from the inside. This prevents substitution of a replacement.

Welding on the inside hides the weld. This should take care of the folding stock. Return to Home Page.


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