Nial fuller reviews. Learn To Trade The Market. No live trading. But at least Nial Fuller is honest about that. First and foremost, Nial is an expert marketer that not only understands how to craft his message, but also how to game Google for maximum web traffic. Nial Fuller's sales strategy is to drive massive traffic to his website.

Nial fuller reviews

Forex Price Action Trading by Nial Fuller

Nial fuller reviews. Seven years and numerous challenges to back up his claims later, there's still no verified track-record of his trading. He was exposed as the dishonest internet marketer he actually is in this review by In the past, Nial Fuller has had at least one type of business relationship with AxiTrader.

Nial fuller reviews

Click to see the official announcement. You can read the article here. He was exposed as the dishonest internet marketer he actually is in this review by TradingSchools. The identity of Maverick was revealed only yesterday as being Nial Fuller. Because he wanted no one to know, had he blown up the account. But now that he won, he can BS gullible people with a text like this:. At first the optimist in me wanted to believe that maybe Nial could actually trade. At the end of the day the jury is still out.

Guys, I am a bit confused why so much negativity… This sound like ackman on Herbalife… Funny, I made a bundle betting against ackman… And I have had execellent results using PA as described by Neil… After reading hundred of books about trading, to me at least, Neil course is the best money I have ever spend to fine tune my trend following strategies…. Anyone who believes this story might as well start writing a letter to Santa Claus.

How was Nial Fuller even allowed to participate in this competition? So legally speaking, he was eligible to take part in the competition. He promotes trading on H4 and daily charts!! Nial happens to be allergic to scalping. Review his website posts before criticizing his potential as a trader. According to Fx Blue stats there were participants http: Marketing Forex is and always will be a cutthroat business, companies will do just about anything to generate sales. The services that Nial Fuller offers are genuine, the courses that are offered through his website are geared towards educating working individuals who do not have time to scalp or day trade.

As for myself and my partners we offer signals and managed accounts we offer to strategies which are low-frequency high probability scalping with manually trailed stops as well as position trading. We believe it is very difficult to educate and train individuals who do not have the time to scalp or day trade, most individuals do not understand the difficulty in changing their psychology and thought process about risking their capital. Our website removed The comment section is not for advertising signals and managed accounts with unregulated brokers.

But for the sake of others, please post your verified track record. Makes me wanna puke. For starters your speculating if Nial is a good trader or not without adding any substantial evidence.

A lot of traders like to keep their performance to themselves because after all it is their private business. Its a competition, of cause you need to be more aggressive than normal because thats what most of the players would be doing. No chance of winning otherwise. Always the case though, when someone does well, along come the haters, which is usually because of jealousy.

The only way to walk with success is working at it, not throwing around baseless accusations on the internet. This is not a baseless accusation but a fact: Granted, there is no evidence he is a long term successful trader, nor is there evidence he is not, either. Making comment without backing it up is purely baseless accusations. However he did win the competition, so he at least must trade some. The onus is on him, who makes all the claims, to back them up.

What more proof do you want? I remember the winner of the first contest was a guy who had only found out about Forex a few months before: Firstly, changing your risk management to suit a competition just proves that someone is a novice, not someone who runs a successful trading business.

The next 2 years he lost more than 1 billion of a 2 billion fund that he was in charge of. Bottom line if Nial wants people to exchange there hard earned cash for his training them a bit of proof before purchase is more than reasonable.

How is it unfair to ask someone to show some proof of what they are claiming to be true? No, you take it for a test drive to get your own proof…. He teaches price action, which is highly discretional. Returns would vary greatly between traders so his return is irrelevant. Price action works, no doubt about that. His teachings are classic price action setups and patterns. There are plenty of people teaching this stuff. Again pure assumption and speculation. Do you know what positions he took and why?

So why are you making a blatant statement it was just luck? And making an example from a trader winning a competition in the past because of pure luck as proof is just simply illogical. But because so called trading education is an unregulated field, one can claim anything without fear of repercussions.

Give me a break! I took his course years ago, I was in the first I know price action and I can tell you he knows his stuff. Nothing complex about price action, if its viewed and played void of emotion. I walked away from swing trading and into day trading because it suited my personality more and its a much higher return.

Although its much tougher game and certainly not for most people. Mate, its obvious that its in fact yourself that is making unsubstantiated claims. There is also plenty stating they make money trading price action they learnt from him.

I think your one of those people who write this stuff for the simple reason of being mean. Again, you have zero basis to make comment skill played no part in it. Your making a meal out of no ingredients! Its a competition, its only logical you would trade outside of your normal bounds because most others would.

Its only logical that you would want to know the historical return of a product your putting your money into, so of course hedge funds disclose that. Well you can take it for a test drive. He offers a free starter course and free emailed trade setups for life.

I use price action myself. In fact I trade all the candlestick patterns Nial teaches, plus other, although a lot differently from the way Nial uses them. Or should people just take my word for it? This is my concern with Nial. The simple solution is for him to provide a verified track record, its not hard is it? He lives in Queensland. Our writing styles evidently are however completely different though. Tradarr When you seek medical advice or treatment do u go to a registered professional or to the guy with the flashiest website whose claim to fame is that he treated successfuly his business partner?

And obviously you got your sense of humour from your parents, taking into account what they named you. It is a reasonable request, I get that. Apart from being private, its got an horrible egotistical attachment to it, and thats exactly the demon that kills the majority of people heading into the trading arena. If the content is sound and the student is committed, the results from that will speak volumes.

Picking on my name is a cheap shot and only shows you are losing the argument. You affirm that showing historical returns has egotistical attachment to it. Igor cracked up when I just wrote that , it never got to that combative stage because I never took your post seriously. Need to write with substance mate! Jesus I hate to know what your middle name is.

All that should concern you is the knowledge he relays…. If its inaccurate and unprofitable, then feel free to call him out… If its not… Chill Holmes!! On the other hand…. You know the guys that would demand to see my teachers credentials before employment?

The School authority, the big guys …. So, guys… Take it easy… I have read most of his free stuff and they actually make a lot of sense.. So many negative things to say about people and what not…. Hey man, if you compare a teacher who had to attend a college and pass some exams before getting that credential with Fuller…. Nial Fuller was shown to be an internet marketer way back in , read what a buyer of his course Ryan Raymond, had to say: Jim you have debunked yourself!!!

On the link there is plenty of support and positive reviews for Nial. Please tell me your username and show a receipt of purchase showing your name? And can you please tell me your forum username so I can see how many posts you have made in our forum and how many times you have logged in. You seem to know everything about me, about internet marketing and about trading. So how about you prove your credentials in all of this. Ryan identifies many of the senior members of the course and gives great insight and detail into the course.


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