Mig bank forex broker reviews. MIG Investments is one of the top Swiss forex brokers. MIG Investments is regulated by ARIF. Please read our review of MIG Investments.

Mig bank forex broker reviews

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Mig bank forex broker reviews. All your should know before trading with MIG BANK. Forex broker's trading conditions, minimum deposit, demo account opening, withdrawal methods.

Mig bank forex broker reviews

All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts. MIG bank handled my account in a negligent manner. This complaint has nothing to do with trading. When I submitted my writen complaint on 21st December they replied "Please be informed that we have sent an email to your registered address with us" Waited in vain for this promised reply.

MIG bank not only handled my account in a negligent manner but had now also violated client privacy. Plus MIG bank had violated my rights as a human being by not replying to my complaint in a timely manner.

In business if you make a mistake you pay for it right? All I want is a refund of all my deposits made over the years because negligence and, a court may find an illegal act on the privacy violation,in Switzerland with its strict banking privacy laws,was not part of our agreement. I want to be returned to the position I held before I entering into the agreement with MIG bank and a reasonable amount for violating my privacy and human rights.

The Swiss banking Ombudsman has not had a reply yet from MIG bank and can not even force the bank to reply!!! Going nowhere with my claim so if anybody has any advice on a contingency basis.

Swiss banks are more equal then ordinary citizens and it would take a David with a slingshot in each hand to bring down Goliath. Multi National banks are not easy to tackle in court. But the facts are the facts are the facts. And that is the bottom line. I am writing to demonstrate my experience with MIG Bank, allowing you to decide — is it scam or not? On the 13th September after the USD rate news After inquired MIG Bank, they explained to me: Later, they explain to me, that they have had wrong quote and after that, they usually remove this transaction.

What is interesting is that I have left one position opened and they did not remove that. If I used the same wrong quotes, why didn't they remove that also? That's the one of the strange questions that arises from the way MIG behaves. My next question was "how can I trade in future? Is there any way to recognise wrong quote from real? Does not matter if I asked the question a few times — more silence?

To get my profit back is not possible, because they said in their Terms and Conditions "MIG Bank is not responsible for wrong quote". Today I can say — this is the truth, because my broker has deducted my profit. When speaking to MIG Bank, I feel my views and questions completely insignificant; as if they are too conceited to answer or even acknowledge them. This is my next example:. Money withdrawal is not easy procedure.

After sending my withdrawal request, money left trading account immediately but I did not receive it. What happened, they said: Again talking to their big people and feeling myself like insect, I have tried to use their live chat with no success.

They said — send an email: Finally, the third operator promise to call me and after long conversation with MR L, I have got the following explanations:. MIG Bank is very professional company, they can not make this mistake my account exist 10 years and there are have been plenty of international transfers in the past.

Then, I sent a copy of my bank statement with identical details - money was received next day but MR L. Re-quote — constant problem for trade. It is hard to believe that some brokers allow you to open positions by market price. The worst problem is lost connection. During hot market time terminal could be easily disconnected. There are few different brokers on my desktop — nothing like MIG Bank.

With this bank connection could be lost for few minutes, sometime over 1 hour. When I call and ask what happened and what shall I do, the answer is always the same — sorry for inconvenience. This is not important for their support — what happened with your strategy or with your positions - they only ask to call to their dealing room to close position. Then what they are responsible for? But you will find in their description: Demo freezes for no reason after 1 day, doesn't come back, doesn't let you create new accounts.

Live chat- "Hi How may I help? You can email your problems to info mig-blah blah. Disappointing for a BANK. Where should I start!!! MIG Investment is by far the worst broker I have ever signed up with!!! Please be very very careful while choosing a broker. MIG Investment is know to move the markets to your disadvantage. I registered with them though an introducing broker. I will mention her name.

Her name is "Melody". She represents them here in Californian and some other states as well. She will scam you showing that she has been making a lot of money trading with them, but don't trust her. All this MIG Investment did was freeze during news reports. Every time I wanted to place an order if it was to my advantage it would freeze up or give me the trade when it was too late. If the market was not to my advantage it would let the negative position go through so fast it's unbelievable.

There scams are shown clearly like day light. Please be very careful. Please be aware that every positive review you see here are by someone representing the broker. Not everyone want's to spend there time to promote other brokers for free. But for the negative review you see here, I would believe are to be true. People have been burnt and they are the ones who truly want to warn you of there scams. Please be very careful while choosing a broker. I have to say that I was initially very aprehensive about opening a forex account with a broker overseas.

Especially having read some of these reviews, but i did and i can honestly say that MIG is better then what i expected. They are completely legit and basically good enough. Withdrawals are quick, within 2 days. Now I do have a few problems with them. I think their trading platform itself is pretty antiquated, I feel like its something from 10 years ago. Also, their english speaking customer service people, though polite and competant, have the thickest accents that i can barely understand a word they're saying sometimes.

Hi all, please don't be amazed by MIG's profile and promises as once you deposit - that that is gone. You will end up discovering strange behaviors on market And no other brokers will have those jumps. On any complaints you will find superior and arrogant answers that you are not right.

There is much more I unfortunately experienced with them but these I hope are enough. If I can vote somewhere - I would give for them. Save your money and go anywhere else. This is a totally scam-broker sorry I lost more than ' with this bank. The transparent dealing is a fake and you pay a average spread from 2. MIG is the best broker I once knew.

Or has been for many years. At one point they took back No use to complain - you could easily loose your entire account and never get your money back if you complain about these issues.

Never heard about anything like this, and this has been happening only in last two years I for one, looking for a true ECN broker now I've been with MIG a few months now. As far as I can tell, they don't stop hunt or spike you out of trades. They DO support EAs, though you have to fill out a form to get access. Just as a test, I withdrew a sum of several thousand dollars the other day. The debit from my account took under 6 hours, and the wire to my texas bank account was complete in under 2 days.


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