Iforex company profile. To ensure a safe, reliable and secure service to all clients, iFOREX complies with European regulations as detailed here in the company profile.

Iforex company profile

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Iforex company profile. Online FOREX trading platforms are a perfect place for scammers to make millions. FOREX has a huge amount of risk involved in trading even when you are using a reputable company. This makes it easy for unreputable companies to take your money. My subscribers have requested that I take a look at a  Missing: profile.

Iforex company profile

FOREX has a huge amount of risk involved in trading even when you are using a reputable company. This makes it easy for unreputable companies to take your money. Here is what I have found. FOREX trading can be legitimate for governments and large institutional investors concerned about fluctuations in international exchange rates, and it can even be appropriate for some individual investors. Formula Investment House Ltd.

Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece. It is in their best interest for you to lose money. In their disclaimers, you will see that most market maker brokers boldly relate that they will always act in their best interest, regardless of whether it coincides with your best interest.

These brokers are called market makers because they make their own markets. Ninety-nine percent of the time, commission-free brokers are market maker brokers. Some report that FOREX brokers usually only release about 30 percent of their profits to their clients. With the increased risks of using their unregulated platform you lose your money with additional deals. Even if u win they will alter the market chart and show your investment in profit? Do not trust or invest in this scammed team.

They will tell they are from France but they stay in Srilanka. At the time of investment they will call u times and at the time of withdrawal you wont get any response from them. Withdrawing my money is proving to be a real problem. No assistance received form either the account manager or the accounts department to complete the withdrawal. While I was reading through and watching video regarding some of the financial terms, My eyes caught an advertisements regarding iFOREX.

Which promises to teach how the foregin exchange market works. Having no experience or understanding of this market. I was curious to try it out. I did the necessary registrations giving away my email-id and contact information, while I was sitting on the desk at my workplace. He asked or rather demanded me to go online and open the account on their website. By then I became very furious and hung up. In no second my home number ranged again. They use abusive marketing techniques to cause new investors to invest large amounts of money.

Plzzz take some action against them.. They deducted my dollars.. From my account without my authority.. Government should ban it. Hi, Myself Raj, I am from India. I have an account in iforex. Recently I noticed that iforex people keep on deducting my money. I am holding few positions, but I am very much active in my account. Initially I was not getting this. But as my amount keep on reducing even having a profitable deals, then I noticed that they are cutting my money. No phone support from evening onwards.

I suddenly sent a mail, but no reply. Later after hrs of time, Mr Ariyal made a call and when I asked about these things, he told our iforex policy has changed, so we are charging some interest every night on holding positions. I told him you are cheating as these things were not there in trading policies and I warned him that these things I will put in every website, so that people come to know these frauds.

What I need to do in this situation. Thought of closing the account, but due to holding position, I lose money. Anyone ever seen Wolf of Wall Street? Basically, they traded in penny-stocks, to get them addicted to investing. Scam in my opinion. I want to add that they recently started to give you credit card details to Chinese scam company under name of GBPAY and that company take unauthorised money from your account so basically they are into criminal activities.

I have open an account with iFOREX hoping that it will give me a lucrative return but eventually I loose all my money. It seems that iFOREX is controlled by a group of small people who takes advantage of uneducated and unskilled people giving them dreams of high returns.

A woman called from Forex offering free consultation. Promptly, she hung up, and I hope her day was ruined. I could withdraw my profit by sending in my id-documents and by printing out the withrawal request and send it to a real post adress. A bad company, allthough my trades on gold went well.. Their website suddenly disappeared, it says This domain name expired on Apr 21 Probably they vanished for good.

In the past i commented to you about this company in your youtube channel long time ago. This company is completely a scam. It is a complete scam. At first you invest a small amount to open an account and you start winning and then an agent starts calling you everyday and sending you ideas by email for transactions.

The first few days you start winning and get all excited. This person of course seems to care about you and is really nice. Then when you want to withdraw your money and leave the company they start making excuses and say that you should wait at least a couple of months to see real profits and that you have to get to a certain amount to withdraw, etc.

Then they convince you to invest more and when i did this same agent convinced me to do an operation and the next day i lost everything. This agent never appear again and when i called nobody knew him.

The name he used was Nelson Diaz and was from Spain. Then other agents called me and when i told them about what happened and was looking for answers they insulted me. If you funded your account, you will have to give them the documents they want to get your money out of your account.

Do not accept a bonus from them or you will not get your money back. If you funded using a credit card, you can try writing not calling your credit card company requesting a refund this is called a charge back. I lost a huge amount in this fucking broker, i report to cysec and nothing and now to FSC of British Virgin Island, I hope some good respond.

Im broke now and a year ago, i did a bad choice with this broker. It was my retirment plan at 25 year old in 2 years to work and in 2 months to trading. Since they are an international company there is not much you can do other than report them. I am sorry this happened to you. In theory, you could sue them, even in a foreign country, but you are likely to lose more money in legal and filing fees than you will ever get back.

Why international anti-forgery depts not acting against them. They are openly trapping people to steel money. The best thing to do? Never give them your personal phone number or your personal data. Read reviews, opinions about them. Find out who you are dealing with. Hi Ethan, This is a lifesaver for me. I was going invest in it. Can you name some legitimate forex trading sites? Here is a list of legitimate Forex trading sites: Enter your email address and join 22, people who get the latest Scam Busting info!

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