How to trade forex like a pro. Learn Forex from a 7 Year Seasoned Forex Professional Now as some of you know, I've been trading now for quite a long time, almost 7 years and I'm a.

How to trade forex like a pro

How To Read Forex Price Action Like A Pro

How to trade forex like a pro. And why the subtitle, “HOW TO TRADE THE FOREX LIKE A PRO IN ONE HOUR?” Because, it will probably only take you about one hour to digest the essentials of this e- book – especially the parts on trading technique – and then you're well on your way to trading the forex like a pro. Please don't take this e-book lightly as.

How to trade forex like a pro

Hi Loz, Interested personally, but newbie. So feel free to reply via PM. Looking to see if you have something for newbies, not advanced that would be for later, of course , as this sounds neat. And also, would you recommend a suggested min.

It was not with this type market investing, but a little similar I think , so thought I'd check. I can share his name off here, if that helps. Again, PM replies are fine and welcome from you. Trying to learn more. Sorry for the late in replying, I've been busy attending to my current students who, two of which who joined last week.

Both are fairly new, one has more experience in Option trading, but didn't do so well. Surprisingly, the site is still up. Any ways, both students are making good headway right now. I'm taking them by step by step: Then the next week we use the two previous indicators together to fine tune entry and exit signals, and so on and so on. Each week we also have live Skype Chat conferences where I pick out live trades based on the previous weeks exercise, and answer any questions they have.

It'll go on like this for 6 months. Of course, it takes a while to get to that stage Their contract ends very soon which is giving more time available so I figured I'd show people how it's done and hopefully in about years they can trade successfully at the level I'm at now. You're both more than welcome to contact me via my forum, noted on the link above. Any questions, just shoot. Loz, is this a system that I can trade and still have a full time job? I know forex is most active during the night and early morning.

Hi Mike Full time job? Sure, there are people currently in the course who work, but I do advise them to get in early, ie, UK Or US opening sessions since these are the most active parts of the day compared to trading during the night after US or UK Open Australia and Asian sessions tend to be a little slow. Current students are doing well, with just hrs or so a day, so far and I've bearly touched the surface of what I wanted to show them. I'm talking to one student at the moment during our live chat sessions we have almost every day, he's already made pips since the 16th of this month, not bad I guess since he's only been with me for 2 weeks.

However, he is trading during the times I suggest as mentioned above to get the most out of the course. Askloz, Do you have an Aff program set up? Not just yet, but will have when the new site gets put up for it. Just working on a new landing page copy at the moment. Originally Posted by askloz. Sure, it's risky, but my course shows you how to eliminate the risks. They knew nothing about forex, complete newbies to it all. Originally Posted by surferman. Because they do not work all the time.

I have one at the moment that's designed to make a Million a month which is currently in testing phases. Allowing a robot to work in the background while you watch what it does and not knowing why it does what it does and how to fix its mistakes, is extremely stupid. You wont know what to do. It's a perfect way to file for Chapter If you want to go down that route, be my guest. The purpose of this course is to allow a person to become financially, independently free, no one to rely on, no one to answer to, no boss to order you around - work your own hours.

A forex robot can not guarantee you this. I currently make around 3, - 4, pips per month. I'm teaching my students how to knock out 1,, pips per month. I have one particular lady on board learning my course, her confidence was extremely low, and very nervous. How was she able to do that with no prior experience? I take each person by their hand, and understand what it is that they're doing wrong and quickly guide them in the right direction, not just how to make the choice of opening the trade based on the many different methods to open a trade based on a signal that's developed, but how to control ones emotions.

Any ways, this is not about Forex Robots, so I'd appreciate it that you didn't hijack my thread talking about something off topic. Askloz and other potential traders, why don't you come over at the next Wealth Thing Seminar in London this coming Nov 22nd. Greg Secker is speaking.. Anyone Can Do It. Maybe you're not aware, but I do have Students to attend to, and why would I need to go to some forex training senimar when I already know how to trade If you want to promote your link, then pay for a thread!

Your program sounds very complete. It also sounds like you utilize a lot of indicators. I did it so can you. Let me show you how. Hi ya, the one and only best platform to use. Last edited on 11th Nov at Currently testing out my forex robot, gets a bit boring having to trade every day What are your motivations? Just because I was making money, didn't mean to me that I shouldn't share the knowledge to help others how to do it too. When you've been online as long as I have, hearing of people struggling what I seem to be as relatively an easy thing to do, kinda sucks.

Not sure what it is, but something pulls me in to help them out, it's a right ole bitch when there's no one to turn to or one is new to online activities that helps us make money online.

Besides, it's a good buzz to see others make headway in something they can rely on to make them money day in day out. Doesn't leave me to do much else other than help people out in my spare time - keeps me out of trouble. Thanks John, and no worries, all apart of the service mate. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Search this Thread Advanced Search. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Find All Thanked Posts. Learn Forex from a 7 Year Seasoned Forex Professional Now as some of you know, I've been trading now for quite a long time, almost 7 years and I'm a self made millionaire from it.

Best part is, I don't trade every day. I may make 5 trades a day, or 5 trades a month, it all really depends on what I'm doing at the time. I'm looking to take 5 people on and train each of you one-on-one and have support group chats once a week where you get to ask questions.

These chat meetings will be for 1 hour ONLY! Video about the questions will be made and viewable for you to watch online. The course is for 6 months. What's included in the course? Overview of how to use the trading station. Overview of the indicators in the industry to use Which of the indicators are the best ones to use, in my opinion. Which indicators can be used to create your very own signals. Whom to trade with and which offshore bank you should use.

And so much more. If you're interested in learning how it's done, pop over to this thread on my forum Forex Trading - Interested? Thanks Get customized help: View Parent Reply Originally Posted by askloz Not just yet, but will have when the new site gets put up for it.

Originally Posted by surferman well I am always interested in forex but I think it involves too much risk. And make this kind of money,so I would say before you feed the fat cats, do your reseach! London , United Kingdom. Colorado - USA Posts: View Parent Reply Sounds like your doing a great job of teaching and your students are making money.

As a trader on Forex myself, just wondering how many lots you trade and how many currencies you trade at one time, To make this kind of money? Dave Last edited on 11th Nov at


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