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How To Choose A Broker To Trade Penny Stocks (LATE 2017)

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Best offshore stock brokers

So, for these are my goals for you. Hey, Tim Sykes Millionaire Mentor and trader here with your plan for You need to have a plan. You need to be meticulous, if you want to be successful. This was me in Laos a few weeks ago at one of the schools that my charity has built. I actually have a very exciting announcement, a seven-figure donation announcement, my first seven-figure donation ever.

And, it took a while to plan, okay? And, that is the secret to my success. Just preparation, you know? Download a PDF version of this post. These are all of my trades, okay? I post all of my trades, including my losses. And, you know, some years, I trade with a small account, so theoretically, it could be more. Having a few million dollars is really all you need in life. And, while most people are so interested in trying to manage tens of millions and hundreds of millions and billions of dollars, what I found is that I actually enjoy teaching, especially people with just small accounts, to grow their account, taking a few thousand and turning it into a few hundred thousand or a few million.

Here is my top student, Tim Grittani. That is the beauty of penny stocks. He trades every single day. This was a great honor. My parents were in the audience, also. And, this is interesting, to say the least. So, it was just great spending time with him. And, I want you to have the right priorities. Spend time with your family, okay? And, I have to remind myself that sometimes. Same thing with Tim Grittani. You have access to him. Please, please watch it, study from the past.

My first millionaire student, Michael Goode, also gives trading challenge webinars. Mark Croock also gives exclusive trading challenge webinars and now video lessons, too and he mentors trading challenge students. He was my student of the year, Also, got to give props to Dux.

You can see his profit charts showing every single trade, losses and gains, too. Just got to give props to a few more students. I have so many. Eric Russell, he could have been student of the year, too. That seems to be the magic number.

I need you to understand that. I highlight my millionaire students and my six figure students, too. And now, he kept studying. So, understand that penny stocks will do this, but they take time. You have to wait for the right supernovas. But, just understand that there are some penny stocks that go supernova. And this was a few months ago, but I had to highlight it. Granted, PRGN eventually dropped. So if you just try and buy these stocks and hold onto them, and fall for their hype…if you invest in them, like a lotto ticket, then yes, you probably will lose.

But if you learn the right rules, it is very, very difficult not to eventually catch one of these. But you can grow your account gradually. And my last student that I just need to highlight, HudsonTrades. He actually learned with me live, in person. I teach in person, too. And, he has not had a down day since leaving my Market Mastery.

We had, I think, nine or ten people and I taught them for two straight days live trading. But, more importantly, they learned the lessons. But, you start somewhere. And more importantly, he has not had a red day since. One hundred percent is not sustainable. But at least you can see the improvement. So now, let us get to You need to understand the background. That is my main business.

Anyways, recommended educational tools and brokers. Please only apply for my trading challenge if you are truly dedicated and you want to be mentored by me and several of my millionaire students. I need to be very clear about this, this is why I put it in bold. If you want to treat your parents to sports games, or treat your parents to, really anything, which I think that you should.

I now have students in over 80 countries, so I understand. Not everybody can be committed. Also, please use StocksToTrade. So please, go to stockstotrade.

But this is what StocksToTrade looks like. This is the page. And you go to StocksToTrade, get the software. This is my student, Tim Bowen.

But please use this. So my interests are aligned with you. Brokers are not necessarily aligned with you because they just want commissions.

I want millionaire students. Quality over quantity in That is going to be my motto. But was a pretty good year, you know? I show everything, okay? The wires have already gone out, I will have rebalanced it. Short selling was a very tough year. I know a lot of big short sellers, they might have came out with profits, but very stressful, having health issues. I have no idea what the trades are going to be.

So learn not to set goals and to take it one trade at a time. But this is the beauty of learning from a veteran trader and not a newbie. If you learn from some of these newbies who have only been trading a year, two years, three years, four years, five years, just during this bull market, they will teach you very dangerous stuff.

I made this much. Show me every single trade. I want to see how much you risked. I want to see what percent gain. What percent of your trades are losses. I think the future of this industry is showing every single trade publicly. Batters show their bats, at-bats, their stats. There would be laughs. There would be boos. That player would be booed out of the stadium. They should be booed out of the industry.


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