Public void waitforexit. public static XPProcess Start( processName, arguments). Initialize a Java Process object and wrap it in an XPProcess. Per the javadoc for bobbyroel.coms, it is important to redirect I/O to prevent the subprocess from hanging. Start-with-args creation method. Parameters: processName - a.

Public void waitforexit

Learning Java Words: Public, private, static, void

Public void waitforexit. public ProcessModule MainModulefget;) public IntPtr MainWindowHandlefget; } public string MainWindowTitlefget;) publiclntPtrMaxWorkingSet(set;getriyj-^;^jSj^:'.□?' >'":':'W£n*:M public IntPtr MinWorkingSet{set; get;) public ProcessModuleCollection Modules{get;) public int NonpagedSystemMemorySizefget; } public.

Public void waitforexit

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. I'm writing an application where there are two calls to external programs, RichCopy and 7zip. The idea is to use RichCopy to move files and 7zip to archive and encrypt the files once RichCopy finishes. The problem I'm having is that the application isn't waiting for RichCopy to finish moving files before 7zip tries to archive them despite the fact that I'm using WaitForExit. So RichCopy kicks off, but immediately after I see the splash screen for RichCopy 7zip starts archiving and encrypting an empty folder.

Is there something I'm missing or is the WaitForExit method supposed to wait until the process finishes before moving on to the next line of code? My guess is that the first richcopy executable you started probably starts another process which then does the real copying work.

Either it's optimized away because there's nothing behind it, or it does wait, but the next line of the calling function is started anyway. For anyone who comes across this question in future, what I ended up doing was wrapping a while loop around a check to see if the process "RichCopy64" was still running. If it was still running I told it to wait for 10 seconds then try again. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

By subscribing, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Email Sign Up or sign in with Google. Does WaitForExit actually wait for an external program to finish? Start f ; f1. Start p ; x. Luke Smith 26 3. According to the docs, it should wait. Do your folder names contain whitespace? All the files I want to move are getting moved. Wait for exit does wait for an external process to finish.

A working example of Wait for exit: Ric Tokyo 5, 2 23 Thanks for the response. I'll do some digging into RichCopy to see what's going on there. I debated using a Wait command, but because the directories to be copied are variable in size I don't think I can safely choose a time for the program to wait. The process you return is f1. Nzall 2, 3 11 Thanks Nate - I'll give these suggestions a try. I did try to isolate the file copy part of the program and that is working as expected.

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