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Pearsonreview. Item Review > Ending Review. If your exam has item review, select the End Review button in the lower left corner of the Item Review Screen to exit that section. Select Yes to end the review or No to stay in the review screen so you can navigate back to your flagged questions. Once you end the review, you can no longer go.


Want to know more about Pearson? What is the interview process like? What is the culture of the workplace? Ask something else about working at Pearson. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Pearson.

Our community is ready to answer. Upload your resume Sign in. Found reviews matching the search See all 1, reviews. The people are great but The rank and file at Pearson are wonderful to work with, however years of questionable business decisions by the top brass in London and a lack of interest in the USLS group are taking their toll on morale and people are leaving in droves for better paying positions.

Benefits are good, but are becoming increasingly expensive. Very high deductible for insurance. Was this review helpful? This is not optional and I refuse to speak about a company that I am currently working for. To be forced into completing this in order to update my Resume is absurd. Working to always trying to improve the process and making ways to automate equipment. People in all areas worked well together over all. Some of the top-level management treats people unfair and with racist stigmas.

I found Pearson to be misleading in all areas. And the expectations and agreements made at hire to be disregarded. I enjoyed c0-workers, but the overall management is lacking. After relocating to Hoboken, the commute for just about everyone increased to about 2 hours one way. That is a killer. My manager was really busy, but because he didn't take the time to really train me, I felt I could't really take anything off his plate and make a solid contribution.

People here are smart and capable, but meeting deadlines seems to be more important than producing quality work. There is no stability to hours and little respect from head scorers. I learned a lot about normative scoring. There are some literacy pluses to the exam but overall, I learned about the financial mechanics of the system. Good if you can get in not on a temporary contract! On a whole, Pearson, I was at their beck and call because I was only on a contract job, but the pay made it all worth it.

Holidays and weekends off! Only downside to this company is there isn't a lot of permanent full time positions. Nice people to work with. I was pleasantly surprised by how congenial my coworkers were at this company. This is a very serious business, but the atmosphere was not incredibly intense like I expected it to be. Very people oriented and versitile.

As it is the business of educational evaluation Pearson provides a most pertinent and widely functioning service to learning. As a former educator it is of vast import to me and much that I care about even if not everyone's proverbial cup of tea. Work with some amazing people. Caliber of work can be source of great job satisfaction. Ok place to work. Good point of start if you want to work help desk. They have a specialized platform that you will need to learn, but once you do, your job is mainly helping students regain access to their accounts, teachers fix courses they have created as well as assist students and teachers troubleshoot minor computer errors preventing them from gaining access to their courses.

Management is the worst group I have worked with. Micro manage employees and favoritism. I do not recommend to work for this company in any department. The only perk is they have great benefits.

Productive environment with little job security. Pearson is having a difficult time at this point and senior management in the corporation is cutting to the bone. The work environment is very stressful and confusing. Nice place to work. Very confidential and secure company. You can make a difference in someone's day that is highly important to them for their careers chosen and worked so hard for.

Security is one thing you can not short cut. That isn't a con though, it's a very good thing! Its a great place to work, I would like to work here for a long time but there is a low amount of advancement even though I have a degree. I hope this changes in the future. A great place to work with friendly staff but competitive. Accommodate flexible work schedules for families with children.

Pearson allows staff working remotely. I learned alot about computers Microsoft software and hardware I learned alot about office politics It is very competitive there. Great Place to work at one time. Loved the culture and people at Pearson. Teams strived to produce quality material in a constantly evolving environment. My position was out sourced to the Philippines, unfortunately.

Limited resources caused heavy workloads. Constant changes led to much confusion as well. Very slow-paced and no advancement opportunities. This job is ideal for students who need a part- time job. It is difficult to get days off as there seems to be a high turnover rate. Company produces educational text books and evaluates end-of-year tests for various states.

Flexible schedule but I was a contractor for seasonal work only. Was great until When I first started at Pearson, I saw myself growing with this company. There was a great environment, people enjoyed coming to work and felt appreciated.

This all changed in when there was a change in upper leadership. They no longer care about their employees and have taken everything positive away. They tell people they can be easily replaced.

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