Orion code scam. Orion Code Review - What is Orion Code Software? Does Orion Code System really work? How does Orion Code Software work? Is Orion Code Scam? Learn the real truth about Orion Code in my honest Orion Code Review below: Orion Code Quick Overview. Founder: Edward Robinson. Trust Score: 99/.

Orion code scam

The Orion Code Scam is Quantum Code V2 - Major SCAM!

Orion code scam. Orion Code Review: Scam Binary options trading by Edward Robinson. If you are looking to invest money in this scam system, first read my Personal review.

Orion code scam

This review will without doubt reveal to you the dark under-current that exists within the world of making money online. It turned out to be a scam that tricked people into trading binary options.

I wanted to make sure my visitors were aware of the tactics it was using. Click here to read my review of Quantum Code opens in a new window. You are about to discover the lengths that some folks will go to in their attempts to trick you out of your hard earned cash. Obviously intrigued, I followed the link to the webinar.

Even the dialog is the same! Just to prove the similarities, let me show you a few screenshots from the Orion Code video. Note that the script is identical. At least Edward has more headroom than Michael had: Moving forward through the video there are even more similarities. And just like last time, it would appear that Cindy from South Africa is too busy spending her earnings to take a call from Edward and the Orion Code team.

The Orion Code video follows the exact same path as the Quantum Code. Eventually you are asked to hand over your contact details and claim one of the 20 spots available.

This all seems more than familiar. What was it that happened at the exact same stage with the Quantum Code? The system is working 3 times more powerful than expected, and there are now only 2 spots available. You are then asked to hand your details over once again, including your phone number. Edward then provides another video where he shows you how to activate your account.

And there we go. The process is exactly the same, using different actors, same script and a re-shoot of the original video. There is no doubt that the same person or same team of people are behind both of these programs. They have re-invented their scam. What follows is purely my opinion, but I think it will go a long way to explaining how murky these waters really are. First of all, the Quantum Code website started in June Using one of my research tools, I have spotted what might have been a problem for the people behind the Quantum Code:.

In the last month, the average amount of time a visitor spends on the Quantum Code website is just 4 seconds. This is fantastic news! I would imagine this created something of a problem for the Quantum Code team.

I believe the creators had no choice but to re-shoot it with different actors and a more convincing lead man. The actor playing Edward Robinson in the Orion Code video certainly appears to be more relaxed in his role.

To make this work they would also have to re-launch the program under a different name. Using my research tools to analyze the Orion Code website, I get some interesting data on the effectiveness of their efforts:. The Orion Code website launched in August of this year, and the average visitor stay is now at over 24 minutes.

Further investigation of the website reveals that it is hosted in the Netherlands. Something else I noticed was that the Orion Code team went to great lengths to cover up the origin of the videos being used on their website.

After some digging around, I was able to find where it came from:. The videos used by the Orion Code website are all linked to a Youtube account listed as being owned by Douglas Harrod. Check out the red arrow above. I would be VERY surprised if this guy is real. Who would put their name and picture on an account that is attempting to scam people?

My guess is, the Orion Code creators have set up a fake account with a fake name and picture. Thanks to a reverse image search on Google, the photo actually belongs to an award-winning historian and author:. Ok, so I think we can now safely say that the Orion Code and the Quantum Code have been created by the same person or people. They shot a brand new video and renamed the product.

They are in the business of professionally deceiving people. They will both take your money without hesitation. I have a hunch that they will soon re-invent the product again once the truth about the Orion Code gets greater exposure.

I ask that you share this post socially so that everyone in your personal network is made aware of what is going on. It saddens me that some people will go to incredible lengths to trick you out of your money. People DO fall for scams like this — often because they are in desperate need of some extra cash. But the scammers out there have NO concerns over the consequences that you face when you hand money over to them.

Stay safe online people. If you are EVER in doubt about an opportunity to make money online, check my tips on how to avoid scams online or even send me an email and I will look into it for you. Hello Marcus, thank u for letting us know about this people, but can someone really trade with binary option and make lot of this money they said?

Thanks, hope to hear from you. I believe claims made by programs like the Orion Code are greatly exaggerating what can be earned from trading binary options. Hi Marcus, Sad to say i fell for their scam. I gave them the dollars. I could not trade because they said I need to submit some of the documents like proof of billing, identification card and the debit card I used. Good thing I did not give the documents or I will be in big big trouble. Thanks for your review. I wont try trading anymore with these experience.

I so wish i had read your site sooner. Sadly we have been scammed by a company called RTC Fiance, they really make you believe you can trade and make money. W e were stupid enough to be sucked in and have lost 5, Im devastated but lessons learnt i will never see that again. I am so sorry to hear that you have lost so much money to this program. Thanks for this man.

I was seriously getting sucked into the well played video… Sending you abundant blessings all the way from NZ! Yes, the video certainly is well put together. I wish I had come across your review before I got lulled into the magic of making instant money online. I blocked their number and all variations of it but that only worked for a couple of weeks. Today, I started getting calls from a London number saying that I completed an application online for forex trading!

I wish there was someone I could report this to who will make them stop. So sorry to hear that you got sucked in by the Orion Code, but glad to hear you avoided handing over any money. Unfortunately the non-stop phone calls is standard practice with these programs. Once you enter your details you are regarded as a hot prospect, so they do all they can to follow up on that initial interaction. In your case, I think you are right. This is very common within the darker side of the online world.

Continue to blank or even block those calls until you become an ice cold lead of no value to the scammers. These people will do all they can to push you into handing your money over, so thankfully fate stepped in and prevented that from happening!

Many people with family work two to three jobs to make ends meet, more often that not both parents work. Others work full time and study part-time to forge a better future financially.

Others are sole parents on low-income. Too many scenarios to mention. All are desperate to escape the poverty cycle! I absolutely agree with your thoughts here. Scam programs like The Orion Code specifically target people who are trying to make that leap out of the poverty cycle and into a more financially stable position.

I make no secret of the fact that these people sicken me with their deceptive tactics, and it makes my day every time I help someone to see the light. Thanks alot chief… iam about to transfer money to orion by the mean time my mind said why dont i google edward robinson background first as he mentioned in video he is one of the guy in forbes list must be his profile in wiki or etc…than only i acknowledge its a scam for your page.

Thanks alot for your effort to safe people like me. Well done for pulling away from this when they tried their usual trick of insisting on having your credit card details. If you only gave your name and no actual card numbers, you should be safe. That said, if you are concerned then I suggest making your bank aware just in case the Orion Code team or the actual traders somehow try to take money from your account.

I got caught up in the video because in the s when i was in the computer business had conceptualized the idea of electronic trading and computer speeds, etc. So at the end i started to sign up but stopped when they asked for credit card info!

The guy in the video kept saying he would not ask for anything in return. Then i noticed that all the fine print said something about a bank in Bulgaria!


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