Ipc voice trading system. IPC Systems is an American company headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey that provides and services voice communication systems for financial companies since In , IPC Systems employs.

Ipc voice trading system

IPC's New Trading Communication Platform

Ipc voice trading system. Specialties. Trade Productivity Applications, Network Services, Voice Recording, Dealerboard/Turret, Unified Trading Communications, Global Connectivity, Hoot & Intercom, Trader Voice, VoIP, Market Data Connectivity.

Ipc voice trading system

A trading turret or dealer board is a specialized telephony key system that is generally used by financial traders on their trading desks. Trading has progressed from floor trading through phone trading to electronic trading during the later half of the twentieth century with phone trading having dominated during the s and s.

Although most trading volume is now done via electronic trading platforms , some phone trading persists and trading turrets are common on trading desks of investment banks. Trading turrets, unlike typical phone systems, have a number of features, functions and capabilities specifically designed for the needs of financial traders. Trading turrets enable users to visualize and prioritize incoming call activity from customers or counter-parties and make calls to these same people instantaneously by pushing a single button to access dedicated point-to-point telephone lines commonly called Ringdown circuits.

In addition, many traders have dozens or hundreds of dedicated speed dial buttons and large distribution hoot-n-holler or Squawk box circuits which allow immediate mass dissemination or exchange of information to other traders within their organization or to customers and counter-parties.

Due to these requirements many Turrets have multiple handsets and multi-channel speaker units, generally these are shared by teams for example: As processing power has increased and switching technologies have matured, voice trading systems are evolving from digital time-division multiplexing TDM system architectures to Internet Protocol IP server-based architectures. IP technologies have transformed communications for traders by enabling converged, multimedia communications that include, in addition to traditional voice calls, presence-based communications such as: Some of modern trading turret models are optimised to integrate with PBX platform.

By natively register on CUCM , for example, office users and turret users can have tighter collaborate and reduce total cost of ownership. While some of trading turret systems also include intercom functions, it is common that financial services firms use an independent intercom system alongside with trading turret systems.

Example of some of the major telephony key systems include:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. IPC Systems corporate website. Speakerbus SIP dealerboard Website. IP Trade Corporate website. Retrieved from " https: Computer telephony integration Financial markets Share trading Telephone exchange equipment.

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