Forex / rate switching service. Looking for a simple currency account? Look no further than your own bank No Account Fee There's no monthly fee for the account and sending money to another HSBC account anywhere in the world is payment fee free. You can also make payments to non HSBC accounts overseas (fees apply). Live exchange rates.

Forex / rate switching service

Currency Trading Guide : How Do You Make Money Trading Currency?

Forex / rate switching service. What is ForEx Switching Service? It is a service to help you meet your foreign currency needs in a hassle-free way. You can preset exchange rate, frequency and balance criteria to transfer money as little as HKD1, within your Business Integrated Account to meet your financial goals or foreign currency needs. When your.

Forex / rate switching service

We simply swap your travel money with other travellers. No unclear rates, hidden fees or shocks when you get home. Each WeSwapper gets a WeSwap card. Choose which currency you need. We take care of swapping your money with fellow travellers. Everyone gets the fairest rate with our low fees. Your card now holds a new currency. Use your card worldwide, everywhere Mastercard is welcome. Keep your WeSwap card with your passport. Swap to 18 currencies and your clever WeSwap card automatically uses the right one.

If you'd like some notes in your pocket, you can order cash too. Available in all major currencies at the best rates with no charge for home delivery. It'll stay safely on your card - swap it to another currency anytime, or swap it back and use it at home. We don't charge any extra for this either. Bring five friends to WeSwap and earn free currency for life! The more we grow, the stronger we become. Thanks for your feedback.

We are super excited that you enjoy using WeSwap! Why not leave us a review? We use cookies to provide you with a better service. By using our website, you agree to our privacy and cookies notice. What We Do We simply swap your travel money with other travellers.

Swap Choose which currency you need. Swap To 18 Currencies. Our new way of doing travel money has been featured in. What do you think?


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