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Forex infinity pro elite review

The Infinity App Review - Busted Trading SCAM WARNING

Forex infinity pro elite review. Forex Uni Scalper is a trading indicator that was released back in June The owner claims that this Forex indicator always makes pips in a day. The product is touted by Rita Lasker who is also the owner. The problem with Rita Lasker is that she has never provided her in-depth trading results for us.

Forex infinity pro elite review

According to this developer, the EA is a scalper that was meant to counter trends. There are very few people talking about this trading system online. This forum seems to be the most popular platform where meaningful talk about this software is happening. A deep internet search reveals that the website Assarofficial. So far, this product has evolved from one version to the other as evidently seen in internet searches involving words like Assar V. It is not clear who the developer of this software is.

I was not able to find this information anywhere on their site. However, when I use this LinkedIn information to try establishing who owns this company, I learn that a man named Joshua Allison is somehow associated with this product. The sales video on their website does not give me any useful information about the developer or the software that is being promoted. Instead, it mentions names like Brandon L, James T, and Cherryl L without telling us the roles of these personalities.

Furthermore, the video does not feature any of these people on the face. You see, when you land on a website and the first thing you find are pictures of posh homes and luxurious life, you begin to question whether this is a get rich quick scam where the naive and the desperate are promised unrealistic financial freedom.

But it is good to take precautions when you come across a website that uses a lot of imagery to invoke a sense of wealth. According to this developer, the software does not require fiddling around with. That means no extra set files because the idea is to sell something that will work right outside the box. It works with all brokers, including US brokers whose platforms are based on 4-digit quotes.

This broker also built hidden stop losses, take profits, lock profits, classic trailing stop losses, Jump stop losses and trade alerts. This is to make sure that the software is trading accordingly during high, medium or low impact news events.

The developer is allegedly guaranteeing profits with this product. Setup and training is also provided alongside the product. This product does not come with future updates. The developer says that when you purchase it, you will get the latest version of the software as is. In my opinion, this is a bad deal. I do not see why I should buy an expert advisor whose developer is not providing updates.

What if bugs develop in the future? Even products that I have discredited before come with future updates as an added advantage. Trading results are the cornerstone of any expert advisor. While the author claims that profits are guaranteed, they disown that statement in another part of the website.

The author admits that they can do nothing to make this software highly effective. When asked about the maximum draw down, the developer says that they do not have an answer because the Forex market is highly unpredictable. Again, the developer claims that they can do nothing to restrict draw down to a certain percentage.

Personally, I prefer this link very much because it helps with verifying performance and making conclusions on whether or not an expert advisor will be worth it in the long run.

But there is a screenshot on the website showing their supposed myfxbook account. This account is not verified. It is impossible for me to trust those results. And secondly, the act of not providing a link to this particular account is rather disturbing.

There is only one logical answer to this problem. The developer does not keep an active myfxbook account! The one that we are being shown is probably a screenshot of a totally different developer account. However, the developer is not upfront with pricing.

Trading performance is lacking, and secondly, there is an element of hype on this site. Third, I am generally not comfortable doing business with an anonymous software vendor. Am a part time Forex trader, blogger and entrepreneur living in Kenya. You want lessons on how to trade for a living? Maybe I can help.

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So without further ado, I will go ahead and review this product. High spread protection is supposed to protect you from unfavorable market conditions. The FAQ section of this site addresses issues such as profit expectations and maximum draw down. Get more stuff We have a wide interest in matters related to Forex, Stock, Binary and Crypto-currency trading.


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