Bpi express forex rates. As a reminder, exchange rates may change due to market conditions. Please review exchange rates on your Online Banking transaction before confirming your remittance or transfers. Bank of the Philippine Islands (Europe) Plc is registered in England and Wales.

Bpi express forex rates

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Bpi express forex rates. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. 1. What are the BPI Credit Cards that I can use abroad to avail the low foreign conversion rate? Except for BPI Express Credit Classic and BPI Corporate Credit Classic, you may use the following BPI Credit Cards abroad to enjoy the low foreign currency rate of %. BPI Express.

Bpi express forex rates

Advise the cashier to have your transaction always billed in the foreign currency. Refuse the offer to convert the transaction to Philippine Peso. Which foreign conversion rate will be applied to my foreign transactions? Why is BPI the best in foreign conversion rate?

To illustrate the comparison: Purchase Amount in USD. Visa Cross Border Assessment Fee. What are the rates of other banks? BPI has the low foreign conversion fee of only 1.

Foreign Exchange Service Fee. Foreign exchange Service Fee above includes the assessment fees of Mastercard or Visa. Yes, the above 1. This processing or service fee applies to all transactions involving foreign currencies converted to PHP at point of sale, whether executed abroad, in the Philippines or online. If my foreign transaction is not in US dollars, how will the conversion to Peso be? BPI will first convert your foreign transactions to US dollars prior to converting to Philippine peso.

MasterCard with Dual Currrencies. Mastercard Foreign Exchange Conversion Rate 1. Mastercard Currency Conversion Assessment Amount 2 1. Inform us of your travel plans to ensure that the card transactions made within and outside the country are valid and authorized by you. Call our customer service hotline prior to your departure so we can assist you in all your travel-related card transaction inquiries.

The foreign exchange rates are available from Mastercard and Visa websites and are updated daily. Directly access through these links:


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