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300 dollar

$11 Steak Vs. $306 Steak

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300 dollar

Before you get into the actual build itself, I want to briefly talk about how you build a computer. Honestly, the hardest part of building your own computer is actually finding the right parts. All you have to do is build the computer!

And building your computer is quite simple too. It really is as simple as it sounds. Hmmm… if there is something I can compare it with… Oh!

For more information about building your own computer, check out my computer building guide. The pre-built computer market has been getting better within the past few years. This might be a plus for most but to me this is bad because being small means that everything inside is compact and not neatly cable managed so airflow to the components is a problem. With these pre-builts, you end up having to buy another one in a year or so.

Custom computers on the other hand are easily upgrade-able so you end up saving money on the long-run. When you buy pre-built, you are most likely paying more for the brand name than the actual computer components inside. Hopefully that helped you out with your debating. Now lets get to the good stuff. If you are able to I strongly suggest and recommend that you try to pick a bigger budget for the long haul.

Bigger budgets builds will give you better bang for your buck and give you more future potential for upgrading. And of course, the quality will be much better too. Want a different case? You can get any tower that supports micro-atx. But when you are looking for another case, always double check for compatibility. For this particular build you want to look for cases that are micro-atx compatible.

The Intel Pentium G processor that I listed is a good processor that works great for low budget builds, or placeholders.

However, that option is only for those who have low graphic needs such as general computing and web surfing. So with that in mind, I believe this Gigabyte motherboard is the best choice for this build. If you want to take a look at other motherboards options then your free to do so. Remember to check compatibility if you do decide on another motherboard.

For the graphic card, the build has a Gigabyte Rx This graphic card is a great entry level card for beginners who are coming into the online world of computer gaming, or for someone on a low budget of course. So higher is better. Something to note here is if you want truly good performance on games, you should consider getting a better CPU and GPU as well.

Having 4GB memory is actually pretty good for most people. With a higher gigabyte memory, you will be able to multi-task more with different programs opened. For most games, GB memory is enough. But for video editing, you might need a lot more memory power as well as CPU. It should also give you more flexibility if you decide to upgrade some of the components. Just make sure if you do upgrade to check the total power usage from all components.

Hard drive is all about your preference. You can decide how many gigabyte you require for all of the programs you will need. I believe that GB is truly enough for most people. Most of the times you will only use it once just to get the operating system installed. Most of them all are on the same price range as well so you can pick whichever brand you like most.

For operating system , the choice is all yours. You can get the Window 10 or any past Window systems. I personally would get 8. This way, you can wait until they fix all of the bugs for Window The choice is yours, young grasshopper. Who knows what kind of edit or virus is planted in it.

Now for peripherals , this is the same. You can get whatever you like. If you want to get different ones that is perfectly fine. Okay, connecting to the internet is your choice. You can go wireless or go wired. I hope you guys like the build. I would like to know what you guys think. Let me know in the comments below! I actually have two questions. How often do you update these pc builds? You can always change a few things or ask for my personal help in the comments.

But the build as it is right now is pretty good when it comes to value for the money. But most of the bad reviews or comments are due to defective or damaged products. Hard drives are probably one of the most fragile component that can get damaged through shipping.

So you have to be mindful of that and know that returning products and receiving new ones is just part of the process of shopping online.

Personally when it comes to hard drives I usually get Western Digital but Seagate is good as well. I guess it really just depends on your preference.

One tip I can advice you is to keep your expectations low when it comes to hard drives. I had a few incidents where I had to RMA a hard drive. Hope I was able to answer all your questions.

If you have more questions or concerns feel free to reply back. Im trying to get my first gaming PC and i dont understand anything all the confusing parts,im trying to build a PC that ill run gta5 watch dogs and battlefield 4 and i have dollars will the pc you listed work? And I recommend for you to consider this option. Also I would like to ask if you have any computer peripherals like monitors, mouse, keyboard, etc?

Hope that helps a little. Here are the specs to look for within your price budget: There are 3 options for you if you need these features. Or an wireless PCI-Express card that supports the two features. This build is specifically designed for Intel processor.

Your email address will not be published. Find Out How To Build. Component prices fluctuate daily. Check the current pricing here. You may like these posts. There is also another option of buying a pre-built computer with these features as well. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The Build Overview Case: Best For Cheap Builds. Best In The Price Range. Best For Low Budget. Best Ram For Budget. Just An Optical Drive. I would highly recommend using Ethernet cables.


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